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Altro floors and walls are synonymous with safety and hygiene in kitchens. Yet when you cross the threshold into other rooms, you can continue your journey with Altro. We not only have robust and resilient solutions for staff areas, but aesthetically vibrant floors and walls to create just the right mood in guest areas including dining, reception, corridors and toilets. We have adhesive-free, comfort and acoustic floors to reduce installation time and noise, while providing comfort underfoot in front and back of house.

Altro solutions: from kitchens to guest areas

We are the only manufacturer to provide walls, doors and resin and vinyl floors that can be used throughout a building.

We have up-to-date BS 476 and EN 13501-1 fire certificates for our walls and doors. Altro Whiterock has fire resistance to Class 0, and Altro Whiterock doorsets to FD 60. We go the extra mile to test our walls with the adhesive required for installation, to ensure that it will meet these test standards in-situ, giving you peace of mind.

So from the goods in to the front door, and everywhere in between, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Product selection: working with you

We have over 60 years’ experience in kitchens – so we’ve seen it all. We work with you from inspiration to installation and beyond and provide industry-leading expertise. We can help with specification and risk assessment, including Pendulum testing to Health and Safety Executive HSE standards. We liaise with product installers to manage your project and provide on-site technical service assistance.

Our products have industry-leading guarantees and our highly experienced technical services support team will support you for the lifetime of the installation. Our vinyl floors and wall sheets are recyclable through the Recofloor and Recowall recycling programmes. From start to finish, we have you covered. It’s all part of the Altro promise and our commitment to you and your business.

To select the best products for each room, the filters in our products section can provide guidance in an instant.

Altro for kitchens

From a small café to a large restaurant with over 100 covers, all kitchens have to deal with contaminants. Our specialist safety floor, hygienic wall sheet system and hygienic doorsets provides an impervious, easy to clean and safe solution for kitchen environments that is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved and meets HSE standards. Our system doesn’t just protect the people who use it; it also protects the environment and those responsible for the health and safety of employees and visitors.

Our products have industry-leading guarantees; our kitchen solution of Altro Stronghold 30 and Altro Whiterock means you benefit from products with a 30 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy.

Flooring solutions

Altro Stronghold 30 keeps staff safe, with Altro’s highest slip-resistant rating of (PTV >55, R12) even with common kitchen contaminants such as grease, oil and flour, reducing your chance of a slip to one in a million for the lifetime of the floor. With 3mm comfort underfoot and 10dB impact sound insulation, it makes busy and noisy kitchen environments more comfortable for staff.

Altro Stronghold laid in a commercial kitchen around a drain.

Altro Stronghold 30 can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +60°C so you can use it throughout the kitchen, including in freezers. Combined with AltroFix 19, there will be no gaps between floor and substrate, ensuring an impervious seal and preventing water ingress.

For extremes in temperature, Altro Crete 8mm variant can withstand from -40°C up to +120°C, making it perfect for walk-in freezers and in areas with high temperatures and steam.

Altro Whiterock

Altro Whiterock wall sheets are grout-free and can be welded to provide a smooth, joint-free surface. Installed with moisture-tolerant adhesive AltroFix W139, there will be no gaps between wall and sheet, giving bacteria, mould and vermin nowhere to hide.

We have up-to-date BS 476 and EN 13501-1 fire certificates for our products. Altro Whiterock has fire resistance to Class 0, and Altro Whiterock doorsets to FD60. We test our complete solution, including adhesives, in-situ to make sure they keep you safe in real working conditions. Altro Whiterock comes in up to 43 colours, and Altro Whiterock doorsets can colour match. You can use both for zoning for different areas or to make a design statement for open kitchens.

Altro for staff areas

Safety and hygiene issues don’t end in the kitchen. Throughout the back of house, you need robust solutions that exceed safety and hygiene standards to keep staff and customers safe. Our heavy duty range, including Altro Reliance 25, Altro Classic 25 and Altro Atlas 40 provides extra resilience underfoot for corridors and storage areas, and can handle heavy wheeled traffic. Combined with Altro Fortis Titanium wall protection sheets, Altro Fortis corner protection and Altro Fortis doorsets, it provides a heavy duty solution to take the knocks and bumps of busy areas.

For staff changing areas, we provide extra protection with our specialist wet environments floors, Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces. In shoes and barefeet, staff will be safe even with spills of soap and shower gel. They have a PTV ≥50 (Slider 96) and R11 rating, providing the best protection on the market. Combine with Altro Whiterock wall sheets and doorsets for easy cleaning and maintenance, and for a wide colour palette.

For staff office areas, our range of smooth and safety floors gives you the opportunity to make a warm and welcoming environment that is a pleasure to work in. Altro Orchestra comes in up to 42 colours, and Altro Wood has a classic wood-look that is always a winner.

With an extensive colour palette, you can zone areas, or have fun colour themes for each room by combining with Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Whiterock Chameleon. Whatever your need, we can deliver.

Altro for guest areas

We have floors for dining areas and entrances, including decorative resins and adhesive-free floors for a quick installation. Our floors come in up to 42 colour options and patterns, including wood-look. We have acoustic and comfort options to help reduce the transfer of sound between areas.

For large areas, our acoustic floor Altro Serenade provides 19dB sound reduction, reducing sound reverberation and creating a more private dining experience. Altro Orchestra and Altro Wood Comfort provide additional comfort underfoot and sound reduction for busy environments.

Altro resins come in different standard and slip-resistant variants depending on your needs. Altro resins also can be used to provide a decorative solution; you can add them to create designs and patterns with pops of colour.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad can be used to create artwork for your walls to make a design statement or theme to the guest areas.

For guest toilets, our specialist solution Altro Pisces and Altro Whiterock gives you a colourful solution that fits your interior design, yet is easy to clean and maintain and has industry-leading guarantees.

Hygiene and contamination

When you are serving your carefully prepared meals, the last thing you want to worry about is whether the food has been contaminated. We invented safety floors and hygienic wall sheets, and from decades of experience know our products can stand the test of time in busy hospitality environments. They have industry-leading guarantees and life expectancies that have been tried and tested for decades.

Unlike tiles, our specialist kitchens system can be installed quickly and create a hygienic joint between surfaces to prevent build-up of bacteria, mould and dirt. They provide an impervious surface leaving no gaps for vermin to hide.

Altro Whiterock wall sheets have the CE mark and comply with all European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Altro Whiterock is also impact-resistant, making it more resilient than tiles and preventing damage that can harbour bacteria that can get into food. Grout-free and with a guarantee of 20 years with AltroFix W139 moisture-tolerant adhesive, Altro Whiterock can be hot welded for a joint-free installation.

Our floors and walls solution for kitchens is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points approved, meaning it is safe for food environments including commercial kitchens. Our surfaces are so tough they can be power washed and have excellent resistance against typical cleaning chemicals. So when you have a clean kitchen, you have a safe kitchen.

HACCP approved

HACCP is an international system for food safety management. It is a legal requirement in Europe under EC Regulation 852/2004. HACCP requires a risk assessment for every food preparation area identifying “critical points” where food safety hazards could arise. Hazards include:

  • contamination by staff or poorly maintained fittings or equipment
  • chemical, physical or allergenic risks, caused by ingredients, handling, equipment or fittings, including floors and walls

Altro products are one of the few worldwide floors, walls and door products to have achieved HACCP International certification. We test our product in-situ, and have worked with customers, designers and installers for years, so we can provide you with the highest standard system on the market.

"Altro products are one of the few worldwide flooring and walling products to have achieved food safe, product certification from HACCP International. In meeting the scheme’s requirements, they have expert, and third party confirmation, of the products’ suitability for use within food processing facilities that are governed by the world’s highest food safety standards. Both the flooring and walling products from Altro offer a seamless and impervious solution which means that there is nowhere for bacteria to hide, as well as being easy to clean. These are both vitally important issues in the food industry."

Floor plan

The following floor plan shows how Altro solutions work within kitchens environments and adjacent areas. For more information on choosing the right solutions for your installation, please take a look at the filters in our products section.

Check how your favourite product could look with Altro Insta-space.