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Moline Village Australia

Altro delivers a speedy upgrade to luxury care home

Altro Wood adhesive-free


Amana Living is a premium care service provider based in in Australia, who pride themselves on making the welfare of their residents a priority. When the community lounge at Amana Living’s Moline Village needed an upgrade, they knew they needed a speedy solution that would cause minimal disturbance to their residents and offer a superior quality finish.


The existing vinyl floor was in need of an update, and Amana Living needed a flooring product which would allow them to complete the renovation quickly, with minimal noise, dust, and unpleasant odours but would also look great, and perform even better.


Amana Living chose Altro Wood adhesive-free for their refurbishment. The adhesive-free installation meant that not only were there no adhesive smells, but that the new flooring could be laid directly over the top of the old. This saved valuable time and significantly reduced the amount of dust involved in the project. The time savings that Amana Living made by using adhesive-free flooring meant that they were able to open up the lounge to their residents more quickly than originally planned. The benefits don’t end at the installation either: in their new community lounge, both staff and residents enjoy a relaxing environment with comfort underfoot and 14dB sound reduction. And with the inclusion of Altro Easyclean Technology, the lounge is also much easier to maintain.

Altro Wood adhesive-free creates maximum impact with minimum downtime. With 12 colour choices, 14dB sound reduction, a 10-year guarantee and our Altro one in a million slip-resistance reassurance, Altro Wood adhesive-free offers high levels of comfort underfoot providing a safe, durable and decorative solution for busy spaces.

Looks great with:

Altro Cantata
Altro Wood
Altro Whiterock wall designs

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The installation was completed in a very timely manner with no take-up of existing flooring, and no dust or adhesive odours causing discomfort to anyone in the facility, all being completed with minimal disruptions.

Everyone is delighted with the completed flooring which now delivers great safety underfoot, ease of cleaning and a fantastic looking renovation completed in record time.