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Rosswein assisted living facility Germany

The new Altro Cantata in practice

Altro Cantata


Brambor Pflegedienstleitung GmbH operates several facilities in the state of Saxony. One of these is in Rosswein, and is an assisted living facility currently undertaking a high-quality renovation of a multifunctional area. In addition to training, this part of the building is also used by tenants and hosts staff meetings.

For this reason, the flooring had to meet a wide range of requirements: chairs and tables are in constant use and there is also a transportable demonstration bed that is often moved back and forth. The media technology trolley is also transported on a regular basis and the floor must be able to handle the day to day foot, wheelchair and walking aid traffic.

There is also another practical challenge to be faced with this renovation: the existing furniture cannot be removed while working on the floor.


“Unfortunately for us, that is often the reality: there are no rooms for storage. And with conventionally bonded floor coverings, this simply means that we have to interrupt the work for 24 hours before the new floor can be walked on,” says Benjamin Schäfer, who carries out the work on site with his company Floor-Sealer Döbeln. “With the Altro Cantata flooring, which can be installed without adhesive, we can now enter the finished partial areas and, for example, start moving the furniture from the areas still to be worked on. This alone saves us a whole working day here! “


Altro Cantata saves time and is easy to install, benefitting installers, contractors, architects and designers.

New Altro Cantata is a tonal and modernist, adhesive-free floor that creates maximum impact with minimum downtime. It is ideal for busy public spaces where disruption needs to be minimal and has no associated adhesive odours. It is a durable 2.4mm floor with 14dB impact noise reduction plus comfort under foot to help reduce fatigue. Using our award-winning adhesive-free installation method, it can be welded and walked on the same day, and at the end of its life can be removed easily, allowing it to be reused or recycled.

Our most advanced cleaning technology ensures ease of maintenance and enhanced infection control with the reduction of bacterial and mould growth by improved cleanability.

Looks good with:

Altro Fortis Titanium
Altro XpressLay
Altro Walkway 20

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A traditionally-adhered floor is first rolled out, then fitted in, then raised again in half - before the surface has been coated with adhesive and the covering has finally been brought into its final position. With the new Altro Cantata we save the last three steps here. Roll out, fit in, and its done!

Working with the new Altro Cantata made me want more! As a floor layer, you are very happy about how easy it is to use. All in all, we save about half the time here on the construction site compared to working with adhered floor coverings.