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Wet rooms and bathrooms

Providing solutions for well-being

Looking after the well-being and safety of customers, staff, visitors, students, care home residents or patients is paramount and wet environments can present a challenge.

We partner with you to create aesthetically pleasing, durable and design-led solutions in wet environments where the risk of slipping is very high. Most buildings have wet environments that will be used by a wide variety of people: that’s a lot of individuals to keep safe.

We take your safety seriously. Shampoos, bathing oils, and hair products found in wet environments all pose a risk to people walking around. Altro Pisces and Altro Aquarius keep your risk of slipping to one in a million, even in these tough conditions, and is designed to not only give you peace of mind but to also create a lasting impression – from the way it looks to the way it works.

Altro solutions

Our range of solutions is designed for a variety of environments including healthcare, hospitality and education; protecting staff who look after residents, guests in hotel wet rooms and students showering after sports activities.

Slips and falls aren’t the only consideration in wet environments. Indoor humidity and poor cleaning can lead to a build-up of bacteria and mould, which can impact health as well as the appearance of the rooms. You can use our safety floors and hygienic wall solutions for wet environments to create easy-to-maintain and safe surroundings.

Aesthetically pleasing and with a wide range of shades we work with you to design welcoming and attractive spaces in your most demanding environments.


Make the right impression

A welcoming environment is important whatever the setting. From a contemporary scheme in a hotel wet room to functional student accommodation, our wall, door and floor solutions provide you with design flexibility to create safe and stylish interiors.

With clever use of colours and combining our floor and wall systems, you can create a spa-like oasis in residential accommodation, help to make a sports changing room a dynamic and inspiring space or design a comforting bathing experience in a care home or hospital.

“The combination of Altro Pisces flooring range with the ever popular Altro Whiterock provided an easy to clean, slip-resistant solution which looks great.”

Design-led, practical and safe

Good looks also need to be practical to keep employees and visitors safe, maintain hygiene standards and reduce the risk of infection. Altro Whiterock is available in a host of colours, with matt and gloss surfaces for any design theme. Altro Whiterock wall designs gives the options of wood, metal, stone and linen for the wow factor. Altro Pisces offers 16 soft-look shades; the result is the consistent, soft appearance that you would want from domestic interiors, with the lifetime sustained slip resistance you expect from us.

Did you know?

Slip and trip accidents cost employers over £500m per year with a cost to health services of £133 million per year. Source: Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Safety testing

Preventing slips where it matters: our test results

At Altro we combine available industry slip resistance tests to get the most accurate proof of just how safe our flooring is.

We believe standard industry test values don’t always provide clarity of slip potential and categories of values are too broad, which is why we combine them.

Our safety floors for wet environments are tested with real life contaminants: shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces still have a PTV of ≥36 (slider 96) against all these contaminants and the risk of slipping is just one in a million; however, with water alone they maintain a PTV of ≥50 (slider 96).

Both floors achieve an R11 on the ramp test.

The Pendulum Test (BS 7976)

The ‘pendulum’ is a swinging, dummy heel that sweeps over a set area of flooring in a controlled manner to simulate slipping on a wet floor. The slipperiness of the flooring has a direct and measurable effect on the pendulum value. Flooring that achieves a wet result of Pendulum Test Value ≥36 (slider 96) has a low slip potential.

The Ramp Test (DIN 51130)

The Ramp Test is widely used. R9-R13 values are based on angle measurements of a motor oil-covered ramp that an operator walks on. The angle at which the operator slips forms the R value, but because the most common contaminant on floors is water, using motor oil doesn’t give a true representation of what happens in real life situations. The barefoot version of the test (DIN 51097), where the ramp is covered in a soap solution as a contaminant, simulating conditions in a shower, rates flooring A, B or C. Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces are rated class B.


Keep bugs at bay

Wet environments can hide a multitude of bacteria owing to the moist environment. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that persistent dampness and microbial growth on interior surfaces and in building structures should be avoided or minimised as they may lead to adverse health effects.

To ensure a clean, healthy environment for all users install floor, door and wall systems that are easy-to-clean.

Having a system that does not give bacteria anywhere to hide is a priority; Altro Whiterock is a fully bonded wall system: with sealed edges, abutments and joining and together with Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets you can be sure bugs are kept at bay.

“The feedback from residents and staff has been extremely positive, most of the comments are: ‘The bathroom looks really good and is much easier to clean.’ We are happy that we have chosen Altro and highly recommend it!”

Maintain clean conditions

If safety flooring isn’t cleaned properly, a hazardous level of dirt and contaminant build-up can accumulate on the surface, potentially increasing the risk of a slip. Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces have been extensively tested with a variety of shoes and contaminants to ensure top performance in high-risk environments.

Did you know?

Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces both contain Altro Easyclean technology.

Working in harmony

Finding the perfect partnership between wall and floor coverings can be difficult, with the risk that the selected products may fail. With one of our complete floor and wall systems you can rest assured every element is designed to fit and work together perfectly.

Our systems not only fit together well, but our extensive testing has proved they are the perfect partnership. Altro Whiterock has been designed to fit together perfectly with Altro Aquarius or Altro Pisces forming a sealed, watertight system for enhanced safety and hygiene. This integrated system includes welded jointing, coveability and compatibility with drainage.

Our integrated system is:

  • sealed and hygienic
  • impervious, non-absorbent, washable
  • able to withstand extremes in temperature
  • a sound investment – designed to maintain performance and retain appearance for 25 years.

Product comparison

Altro Whiterock offers you a wide range of colours and finishes from clean white through to our decorative Altro Whiterock Satins and vibrant Altro Whiterock Chameleon ranges which also offer complementing doorsets. Altro Whiterock wall designs provides a range of high-design finishes giving elegance and durability.

Wetroom test ETAG 022 Part 3 Annex A & F carried out by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden shows Altro Whiterock is impervious to water ingress. Ceramic tiles can give you maintenance problems that Altro Whiterock doesn’t. Staining, grout cracking and individual tile failure are common issues but with our walls system there is less need to spend time and money inspecting and repairing surfaces.

Did you know?

The lifetime cost (over 25 years) of Altro Whiterock is 20% lower than ceramic tiles.

Bathrooms / wet rooms - Hotels and care homes

Safety first

In bathroom environments it is important that the users feel safe and comfortable. Hotel guests do not want to run the risk of slipping in a stylish wet room and need to feel confident while walking around the bathroom in bare feet or shoes. Similarly, while visiting the spa for a relaxing sauna or in the hotel gym, guests need to feel secure in their environment, whatever contaminants are present.

Care home staff need to feel safe while bathing or assisting residents and flooring for care homes must also meet key practical requirements, but not at the expense of creating a homely environment.

“Altro Aquarius is a floor that is aesthetically pleasing and meets all the requirements we need to keep our residents safe.”

Design-led systems

Altro Whiterock wall designs perfectly complement wet environments such as bathrooms and spas, creating a design focal point with natural wood, metal, stone and linen options.

At Altro, we have spent many years developing floors that support wellbeing across all types of environments - with soothing spaces for medical or care treatments, welcoming areas for visitors and a wow factor in an en-suite bathroom - we are proud of our role in helping to create communities for all.

To help you choose the right floors and walls for your bathroom area, the filters in our products section offer guidance in an instant. See how your product choices could look with our Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own picture and view our solutions in your own space.

Changing rooms - universities/sports clubs

Safety for active feet

Our safety flooring is ideal for changing rooms and sports clubs being able to withstand heavy traffic including sports shoes and equipment.

Changing rooms can be busy and demanding environments with a variety of uses: from children’s swimming lessons, to school hockey lessons trailing mud and post-exercise showers with dripping water; the slip potential is high and with Altro safety floors we can reduce this chance to one in a million. We also provide you with a wide choice of colours and soft-look shades giving options for pleasing aesthetics.

Colours can also be complemented with our Altro Whiterock Satins hygienic wall cladding. This versatile and sophisticated wall sheet is available in a range of solid, decorative, satin shades – from soothing and healing through to bright and energetic suiting a range of different spaces.

“Pool floors are slippery as water is always present so I specified Altro safety flooring in the dressing rooms. I was already familiar with the product and knew it prevents slipping accidents underfoot, with walking frames and wheel chairs. It is also easy to keep clean and hygienic. I chose Altro Aquarius flooring in light gray Tern to bring a lighter feel to the dressing rooms.”

Bathing areas - home adaptations

Home adaptations allow individuals who are disabled, ageing or vulnerable to continue to live in their own homes for longer. This does require, however, homes to be adapted to provide a safe and comfortable environment for them to live in.

When houses are adapted, you need to not only consider the needs of the individual now, but in the future. Physical and mental health can deteriorate over time, and to have a familiar environment that does not have to be changed reduces stress and confusion after the house modification.

"I was given a lovely range of colours to choose from for my new floors and walls, and it was so nice to be able to make these decisions for myself, and be involved in the process, rather than just given something plain and boring. I chose a nice grey blue for the shower room floor, which matches the blue walls. It's a lovely colour scheme.

Feeling safe in the shower room is very important for me, and the flooring is not slippery at all, even when it’s wet. I have someone in to clean it for me and they tell me this is very easy to do. It's a miracle, really, that I was able to stay here. Everyone who visits me is amazed by what has been done in the house and very impressed with how it looks. I am so grateful to everyone involved."

Complete your home adaptation with Altro Whiterock wall sheets allowing you to design personalised spaces with images and photographs or contrasting colours. Altro Whiterock offer contemporary shades that suit any domestic environment. For environments that demand luxury, Altro Whiterock is the ideal choice. Its smooth, high quality look and variety of shade combinations create the look that visitors would expect: a real wow factor!

To help you choose the right floors and walls for your bathing areas, the filters in our products section offer guidance in an instant. See how your product choices could look with our Insta-space software, which lets you upload your own picture and view our solutions in your own space.