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Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free

Welcome to our page of Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free frequently asked questions. We have tried to address many of your queries but please contact us if your specific question is not answered here.

A.   Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free is a 3mm thick safety floor designed for use in commercial kitchens.
It provides safety underfoot in hard working commercial kitchens where spillages of a wide range of contaminants such as fats, grease, flour, and water are often seen. Like the well-established Altro Stronghold 30 adhered floor this adhesive-free version provides all the safety performance, but without the need to be fully adhered to the subfloor. This reduces installation time and quickens return to service.

A.    We currently have four adhesive-free floors, Altro XpressLay, Altro Cantata, Altro Wood adhesive-free and now, Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free. Together these form a collection of smooth and safety floors that need no wet adhesive for installation. This feature offers several benefits including speed and ease of installation. Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free can also manage the regulation of residual moisture on a fresh concrete slab up to 97% RH without the need for a surface DPM.

A.    Altro developed and trialled Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free over many years to prove that it is fit for purpose. It offers the quality and security expected from all Altro products. Using trial sites throughout the world, Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free has been successfully installed over the last 2.5 years.

A.    With reduced installation time and being able to walk on the floor the same day, your client can have their busiest areas back to normal use faster. An adhesive-free floor installation can reduce installation time by up to 50% compared with an installation using adhesive.

A.    Altro's adhesive-free floors are durable and work well in heavy-duty areas, no rucks, no movement. Our award-winning, 2.2mm Altro XpressLay™ has been tested with a 900kg drilling rig with caterpillar tracks, so Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free will be the perfect fit in a busy commercial kitchen.

A.    We are constantly looking for ways to improve our existing products, offering new and improved features that our customers value. New Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free offers the same benefits of speed of installation, quicker return to service and environmental credentials of our other adhesive-free floors combined with specialist safety for underfoot needed in busy commercial kitchens.

A.    There are 8 colours in the new Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free range. These colours match those in Altro Stronghold 30.

A.    10 years is the full guarantee with a life expectancy of 15 years.

A.    Please see the technical guides and sample cards for certification and testing that has been completed.

A.    Yes, you can. If the existing floor is suitable is smooth and the surface is clean, sound and secure this material can be installed. Please see installation guidance on our website for full details.