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Why Altro Whiterock is the ultimate in wall linings

The Altro Whiterock collection has been providing seriously tough wall protection for over 40 years and is the ultimate in protective wall linings, as well as corner protectors for walls and doors too. 

With a range of products in our Whiterock collection, its robust durability and adaptable applications have made it a favourite across many sectors worldwide.

Impact-resistant hygienic wall protection

With proven high performance, Altro Whiterock has a wealth of applications across several industries with a durable, stain-resistant surface and plenty of aesthetically pleasing options to match, or even lift, the surroundings. 

A hygienic alternative to ceramic tiles, painting, and other wall finishes and wall vinyl, Whiterock wall panelling sheets are a robust solution that reduces whole-of-life costs thanks to its high-quality rigid PVC sheet cladding it is an immensely tough vertical surface covering. 

It’s because of its hard-wearing nature and range of aesthetic choices that Whiterock can be found as a wall protector across 100+ Australian and New Zealand hospitals, as it’s suitable for operating theatres, wards, labs, bathrooms, ensuites, showers and change rooms, corridors, foyers, commercial kitchens, and other areas where infection control is paramount. 

One such example is St John God Hospital Mt Lawley, Perth, where the durability of Altro Whiterock wall protection was a considerable factor in deciding to use Altro products, alongside hygiene and high performance in a homely aesthetic. 

Mark Day, the hospital Facility Manager, explains, “Our bathrooms were tiled, and we found that we had water leaking behind the wall tiles causing them to fall off. As these bathrooms are in continuous use, they were constantly in need of repair; maintenance costs were adding up and so were the cleaning costs, as broken tiles and missing grout made the bathrooms harder to clean.”

Replacing the faulty tiles with Altro Whiterock as bathroom wall sheets allowed for an easy-to-clean and long-standing solution to be installed, which has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients and the hospital’s cleaning team. Read more about this project in our case study.  

Stocked locally at Altro APAC’s head office in Victoria, we can get your order to you quickly and efficiently for rapid installation.


Technically superior wall protection sheets

We take pride in all our products and Whiterock is no different. But with an industry-leading 30-year product guarantee, this long-lasting wall protection is a technically superior product to many others you’ll find on the market. At 2.5mm thick, Altro Whiterock is thicker than most wall protection products providing added impact resistance and improved acoustics.

Once installed, you can be safe knowing that the ongoing protection will save you time and money on maintenance costs, keeping your area protected and safer for longer and being a cost-effective investment in your facilities.

How to install hygienic wall protection

With a fully engineered installation system, Altro Whiterock satisfies infection control and hygienic requirements with its easy-to-clean, impervious surface. With no gaps or grouting, there are no areas for dirt to get into or mould to grow, making it impossible for bacteria to hide and thus making the collection a more hygienic solution than tiles. 

Because of this, it’s also ideal for use as corner protectors for walls. The fully bonded thermoformed corners can wrap around a wall corner to reinforce their strength and leave no cracks or crevices for bacteria to hide. A single sheet removes the need for wall corner guards.

Boasting the most extensive, independently verified certifications, accreditations, and tests on the market, including Australian, Europe, US, British and ISO international standards, and Altro Whiterock White is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified.


Extensive wall colour and design palette

Despite the name, Altro Whiterock products come in various designs, colours, and patterns, not just white. With bright and bold colours, more muted pastel tones with our Altro Whiterock Satins and Altro Whiterock Chameleon products or even a designer feel with Altro Whiterock Wall Designs and Altro Tegulis, you can tailor the aesthetic to your wants while still getting robust, hygienic wall protection. Custom printing through Altro Whiterock Digiclad is also available to personalise your designs for your vision. 

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