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Altro Operetta, Altro Orchestra and Altro Serenade

One product doesn’t fit all. Each room in a building has different needs and challenges. Altro Operetta, Altro Orchestra and Altro Serenade are three complementary products that meet the needs of different areas. Colourful, easy to clean and compatible with each other, they provide the harmonious look you want while giving the performance you need.

We’ve put together a handy matching guide to show you which colours and designs the three ranges have in common. This will help you put together matching floors with different performance criteria: either standard, comfort (15dB) or acoustic (19dB).

Altro Orchestra Macavity CH2867U
WR508 / A1M11 / LRV 57
Altro Orchestra Elektra CH2870U
WR511 / A1M392 / LRV 58
Altro Orchestra Carlotta CH2865U
WR507 / A1M337 / LRV 26
Altro Orchestra Sitar CH2869U
Altro Operetta Allegra OP2169U
Altro Serenade Charm SE3969U
WR510 / A1M347 / LRV 38
Altro Orchestra Tosca CH2862U
Altro Operetta Vivo OP2162U
Altro Serenade Elgar SE3962U
WR494 / A1M494 / LRV 23
Altro Orchestra Figaro CH2858U
Altro Operetta Black Forest OP2158U
WR501 / A1M82 / LRV 13
Altro Orchestra Cornet CH2864U
Altro Operetta Shake OP2164U
WR506 / A1M82 / LRV 20
Altro Orchestra Fidelio CH2868U
WR509/ A1M85 / LRV 35
Altro Orchestra Polka CH2859U
Altro Operetta Beethoven OP2159U
WR502 / A1M390 / LRV 23
Altro Orchestra Marimba CH2863U
WR505 / A1M390 / LRV 30
Altro Orchestra Reed CH2874U
WR513 / A1M85 / LRV 39
Altro Orchestra Seville CH2860U
WR503 / A1M79 / LRV 45
Altro Orchestra Aurora CH2857U
Altro Operetta Tutti OP2157U
Altro Serenade Andante SE3957U
WR500 / A1M136 / LRV 60
Altro Orchestra Timpani CH2861U
Altro Operetta Cabasa OP2161U
WR504 / A1M417 / LRV 20
Altro Orchestra Kora CH2871U
WR495 / A1M495 / LRV 8
Altro Orchestra Nabucco CH2873U
WR512 / A1M84 / LRV 24
Altro Orchestra Guitar CH2828U
WR449 / A1M137 / LRV 29
Altro Orchestra Trumpet CH2825U
Altro Operetta Clef OP2125U
Altro Serenade March SE3925U
WR446 / A1M347 / LRV 37
Altro Orchestra Rigoletto CH2876U
WR519 / A1M392 / LRV 34
Altro Orchestra Traviata CH2877U
WR520 / A1M338 / LRV 28
Altro Orchestra Glockenspiel CH2827U
Altro Operetta Drop OP2127U
Altro Serenade Opus SE3927U
WR448 / A1M361 / LRV 23
Altro Orchestra Cello CH2829U
Altro Operetta Canon OP2129U
Altro Serenade Encore SE3929U
WR450 / A1M81 / LRV 24
Altro Orchestra Bassoon CH2831U
WR452 / A1M84 / LRV 17
Altro Orchestra Flamenco CH2806U
WR427 / A1M200 / LRV 12
Altro Orchestra Salsa CH2802U
WR423 / A1M200 / LRV 20
Altro Orchestra Reggae CH2801U
WR422 / A1M200 / LRV 48
Altro Orchestra Jazz CH2824U
WR445 / A1M200 / LRV 15
Altro Orchestra Soul CH2817U
WR438 / A1M200 / LRV 29
Altro Orchestra Rap CH2820U
WR441 / A1M200 / LRV 30
Altro Orchestra Gospel CH2821U
WR442 / A1M200 / LRV 17
Altro Orchestra Fusion CH2813U
WR434 / A1M200 / LRV 49
Altro Orchestra Metal CH2818U
Altro Operetta Pulse OP2118U
WR439 / A1M84 / LRV 16
Altro Orchestra Chant CH2814U
Altro Operetta Quintet OP2114U
Altro Serenade Metronome SE3914U
WR435 / A1M390/ LRV 26
Altro Orchestra Club CH2815U
Altro Operetta Tempo OP2115U
WR436 / A1M487 / LRV 17
Altro Orchestra Manon CH2878U
Altro Operetta Lola OP2178U
WR391 / A1M82 / LRV 17
Altro Orchestra Drum CH2837U
Altro Operetta Soprano OP2137U
Altro Serenade Moonlight SE3937U
WR458 / A1M74 / LRV 18
Altro Orchestra Trombone CH2839U
Altro Operetta Yeoman OP2139U
Altro Serenade Caldara SE3939U
WR460 / A1M484 / LRV 39
Altro Orchestra Conga CH2879U
Altro Operetta Leo OP2179U
WR390 / A1M390 / LRV 30
Altro Orchestra Flute CH2833U
Altro Operetta Baroque OP2133U
Altro Serenade Anthem SE3933U
WR454 / A1M86 / LRV 22
Altro Orchestra Violin CH2834U
Altro Operetta Madrigal OP2134U
Altro Serenade Chord SE3934U
WR455 / A1M361 / LRV 31
Altro Orchestra Chimes CH2836U
Altro Operetta Glee OP2136U
WR457 / A1M335 / LRV 52
Altro Orchestra Oboe CH2835U
Altro Operetta Acapella OP2135U
WR456 / A1M338 / LRV 34
Altro Orchestra Bongo CH2840U
WR461 / A1M152 / LRV 27
Altro Orchestra Musette CH2856U
Altro Operetta Stanza OP2156U
WR515 / A1M136 / LRV 49
Altro Orchestra Maraca CH2855U
Altro Operetta Beat OP2155U
Altro Serenade Dulcimer SE3955U
WR499 / A1M136 / LRV 56
Altro Orchestra Serpent CH2850U
WR517 / A1M136 / LRV 56
Altro Orchestra Volta CH2851U
WR518 / A1M335 / LRV 48
Altro Orchestra Porter CH2854U
WR498 / A1M483 / LRV 43
Altro Orchestra Notturna CH2853U
WR497/ A1M369 / LRV 48
Altro Orchestra Chromatic CH2852U
WR496 / A1M136 / LRV 49
Altro Orchestra String CH2841U
Altro Operetta Vagabond OP2141U
WR484 / A1M484 / LRV 40
Altro Orchestra Percussion CH2844U
Altro Operetta Vamp OP2144U
WR490 / A1M86 / LRV 18
Altro Orchestra Brass CH2842U
WR483/ A1M483 / LRV 44
Altro Orchestra Woodwind CH2843U
WR489 / A1M385 / LRV 45
Altro Orchestra Othello CH2848U
WR62/ A1M62 / LRV 9
Altro Orchestra Orfeo CH2849U
WR41 / A1M41 / LRV 9
Altro Orchestra Turandot CH2847U
WR482 / A1M482 / LRV 15
Altro Orchestra Falstaff CH2846U
WR493 / A1M493 / LRV 9
Altro Orchestra Montezuma CH2845U
WR457 / A1M200 / LRV 52

Altro Wood collection

The Altro Wood collection consists of three ranges (Altro Wood, Altro Wood Comfort and Altro Wood adhesive-free). Altro Wood and Altro Wood adhesive-free both have 18 options available and Altro Wood Comfort has 12 options available. With matching design and colour options across these ranges you can achieve a consistent look in different areas. Select from the ranges for the right technical performance required for the area.

The designs and colours available in each range are indicated below, with details of matching accessories and Light Reflectance Values (LRVs).

Altro Wood Bavarian Oak WSA2026
Altro Wood adhesive-free Bur Oak AFW280015
WR514 / A1M514 / LRV 21
Altro Wood Sessile Oak WSA2027
Altro Wood adhesive-free Post Oak AFW280016
WR350 / A1M483 / LRV 30
Altro Wood Honey Oak WSA2028
Altro Wood adhesive-free Birnam Oak AFW280017
WR352 / A1M352 / LRV 21
Altro Wood Slate Oak WSA2029
Altro Wood adhesive-free Holm Oak AFW280018
WR478 / A1M390 / LRV 26
Altro Wood Bleached Oak WSA2001
Altro Wood adhesive-free Frosted Oak AFW280001
WR335 / A1M335 / LRV 52
Altro Wood Vintage Cherry WSA2002
Altro Wood Comfort Antique Cherry WSASC2802
Altro Wood adhesive-free  Dusky Cherry AFW280003
WR239 / A1M336 / LRV 22
Altro Wood Urban Cherry WSA2003
Altro Wood Comfort Deep Cherry WSASC2803
Altro Wood adhesive-free Shaded Cherry AFW280004
WR337 / A1M337 / LRV 17
Altro Wood Farmhouse Oak WSA2004
Altro Wood Comfort Soft Oak WSASC2804
Altro Wood adhesive-free Champagne Oak AFW280010
WR338 / A1M27 / LRV 38
Altro Wood Autumn Maple WSA2005
Altro Wood Comfort Warm Maple WSASC2805
Altro Wood adhesive-free Soft Maple AFW280002
WR339 / A1M339 / LRV 24
Altro Wood Rustic Oak WSA2006
Altro Wood Comfort Field Oak WSASC2806
Altro Wood adhesive-free Summer Oak AFW280005
WR340 / A1M340 / LRV 37
Altro Wood Antique Walnut WSA2007
Altro Wood Comfort Classic Walnut WSASC2807
Altro Wood adhesive-free Imperial Walnut AFW280009
WR341 / A1M160 / LRV 15
Altro Wood Oak Traditions WSA2013
Altro Wood adhesive-free Caramel Oak AFW280006
WR353 / A1M225 / LRV 25
Altro Wood Washed Oak WSA2015
Altro Wood Comfort Aged Oak WSASC2815
Altro Wood adhesive-free Timeless Oak AFW280007
WR347 / A1M347 / LRV 38
Altro Wood Manor Oak WSA2015
Altro Wood adhesive-free Pitch Oak AFW280008
WR347 / A1M347 / LRV 38
Altro Wood Spring Maple WSA2018
Altro Wood adhesive-free Honey Maple AFW280011
WR352 / A1M352 / LRV 27
Altro Wood Comfort Light Bamboo WSASC2820
WR463 / A1M392 / LRV 42
Altro Wood Ranch Oak WSA2021
Altro Wood Comfort Reclaimed Oak WSASC2821
Altro Wood adhesive-free Portuguese Oak AFW280013
WR335 / A1M335 / LRV 51
Altro Wood Mountain Oak WSA2022
Altro Wood Comfort Veteran Oak WSASC2822
Altro Wood adhesive-free Oxford Oak AFW280013
WR339 / A1M339 / LRV 22
Altro Wood Worn Oak WSA2023
Altro Wood Comfort Royal Oak WSASC2823
Altro Wood adhesive-free Vintage Oak AFW280014
WR322 / A1M239 / LRV 19
Altro Wood Comfort Regent Oak WSASC2825
WR468 / A1M62 / LRV 10

Altro Illustra / Altro Illustra adhesive-free

Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free are stylish, functional and design-led safety floors available in a range of contemporary and flexible colours, shades and fabric effects. From nature inspired stone, modern textile to muted mineral designs, Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free provide limitless design possibilities.

With matching colours and designs across the two ranges, adhered and adhesive-free, Altro Illustra is the perfect flooring solution to bring your vision to life.

Select from the ranges for the right technical performance required for the area. The designs and colours available in each range are indicated below, with details of matching accessories and Light Reflectance Values (LRVs).

Altro Illustra Soapstone LU2417
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Shrouded Mountain LUAF2417
WR497 / A1M369 / LRV 55
Altro Illustra Ammonite LU2146
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Stepping Stone LUAF2416
WR567 / A1M369 / LRV 55
Altro Illustra Keystone LU2414
Altro Illustra adhesive-free LUAF2414
WR560 / A1M79 / LRV 41
Altro Illustra Jurassic Slab LU2418
Altro Illustra Crag Stone LUAF2418
WR566 / A1M81 / LRV 36
Altro Illustra Canyon Clay LU2413
Altro Illustra Cococa Clay LUAF2143
WR565 / A1M387 / LRV 26
Altro Illustra Skyfall LU2415
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Hammerhead LUAF2415
WR501 / A1M487 / LRV 20
Altro Illustra Bedrock LU2412
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Thunder Mountain LUAF2412
WR562 / A1M83 / LRV 13
Altro Illustra Gentle Twist LU2410
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Tranquil Twist LUAF2410
WR478 / A1M361 / LRV 25
Altro Illustra Midnight Twist LU2411
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Deep Twist LUAF2411
WR301 / A1M82 / LRV 12
Altro Illustra Hazy Twist LU2409
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Cotton Twist LUAF2409
WR446 / A1M347 / LRV 38
Altro Illustra Sand Castle LU2401
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Distant Shore LUAF2401
WR552 / A1M20 / LRV 43
Altro Illustra Clay Bed LU2402
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Touchstone LUAF2402
WR61 / A1M239 / LRV 27
Altro Illustra Highway LU2403
Altro Illustra adhesive-free Dusky Grit LUAF2403
WR561 / A1M518 / LRV 17