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Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free

Welcome to our page of Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free frequently asked questions. We have tried to address many of your queries but please contact us if your specific question is not answered here.

A.   Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free are two new, design-led safety floors from Altro that provide 36+ sustained slip resistance in areas where design matters in a range of natural colours.

A.    These two floors are an extension to the Altro Wood and Wood adhesive-free ranges as they provide a more natural aesthetic. There are three designs available, a stone look design, a textile look design and a granular design in muted colour tones.

  • Altro Illustra is a 2mm compact safety floor that is available in three designs and 13 colours and is adhered to the subfloor.
  • Altro Illustra adhesive-free is a 2.4mm adhesive-free floor with 14dB impact sound resistance, available in three designs and 18 colours (13 of which match Altro Illustra). The floor benefits from Altro adhesive-free technology. This feature offers significant advantages in relation to carbon, time and cost saving on installation as well as significant environmental benefits due to the floor not needing to be fully bonded to the subfloor.
Both products provide a slip resistance PTV to equal or greater than 36+ offering underfoot safety for areas where design matters.

A.    Research and customer feedback has shown that customers are looking for an extension to the Altro Wood range offering more natural aesthetics. Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free help to create interior environments that enhance the experience of the person using the area. Whether in an education or healthcare environment or a retail or dining experience, these two new floors from Altro assist in creating an optimal environment within that space to cater to the user’s needs.

A.    Both these safety floors can be used in areas where a risk assessment has shown that a safety floor is required to keep users safe underfoot. They can be installed in a variety of areas such as corridors, wards, classrooms, entrance and communal areas, dining and bar areas as well as busy retail areas and in areas requiring added comfort underfoot.

A.    For areas subject to high levels of slip risk such as wet rooms and commercial kitchens then a more specialist safety floor should be used. Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces (Aquarius outside UK, IE, and Australia) are the perfect floors for wet rooms and Altro Stronghold 30 or Altro Stronghold 30 adhesive-free for commercial kitchens. These specialist safety floors are specifically designed to cope with the contaminants often found in these areas.

A.    Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free both benefit from Altro’s advanced cleaning technology. Altro Easyclean technology is at the forefront of cleanability for safety floors. The surface of Altro Illustra and Altro Illustra adhesive-free has been engineered to be smooth to the touch while retaining sustained slip resistance in excess of PTV 36+ for the lifetime of the floor. This means the floor is easy to clean in relation to effort as the drag on cleaning mops is reduced and the floors smooth surface profile means there is nowhere for the dirt to hide.

A.    Yes, both these floors benefit from an EPD from launch however these will be generic EPD’s for at least the first year to enable the relevant manufacturing data to be compiled.

A.    Yes. Like all Altro safety floors these products can be used in association with under floor temperature conditioning.

A.    Both floors have a 10-year guarantee and benefit from the re-assurance gained from specifying an Altro flooring product.

A.    Yes. As with all Altro products, samples can be obtained through the Altro Samples Express service.