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Laminated logos

Altro laminated logo service: water resistant logos for transport

Altro’s laminated logos combine intricate design with robust performance to provide intelligent signage and wayfinding for bus and rail applications. Our multi-layered logo tiles are built to provide maximum protection against water ingress while retaining high levels of flexibility to facilitate easy installation and coving. Our logo service is compatible with our entire transport portfolio and can produce a wide range of designs. Backed up with 10-year guarantees and certified for water tightness, an Altro laminated logo is a sign of quality for any vehicle.

All existing Altro transport floors are compatible with our laminated logo service:

Altro Transflor Chroma EV Altro Transflor Figura EV Altro Transflor Meta Altro Transflor Wood Altro Transflor Artis Altro Transflor Tungsten Altro Transflor Motus
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A sign of quality


Altro laminated logos are newly upgraded to ensure reliable water resistance compliant to EN 13553: 2017 water tightness standards. Our new construction laminated logos bring you peace of mind that the subfloor of your vehicle will remain protected from water ingress.

Watch as we put our new logos to the test!


Our newly engineered laminated logos are developed to maintain the flexibility and easy install that Altro products are known for. Our logo construction process means that the logos will be no thicker or less flexible than the floors they’ll be installed into. Never worry about a cove again!

Design possibilities

Our precision cutting technology means that we can create logos of any design: from standard wheelchair or pushchair logos to intricate outlines of wherever your imagination takes you. We can help you support company branding by producing your logo, or even referencing your service area by recreating your city’s skyline. While looking great, Altro laminated logos continue to deliver robust and reliable performance.

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