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AltroFix ZERO

1-part hybrid urethane adhesive 

Pursuing moisture control can consume both precious time and finances. However, AltroFix™ ZERO offers an effective solution to halt moisture related delays. Crafted using a secure, single-part, moisture-curing formula, AltroFix™ ZERO presents a swifter and more user-friendly option compared to two-component epoxy systems. This 1-part hybrid urethane is expertly designed to withstand heavy rolling loads and the demanding conditions of wet environments.

Features and benefits

  • Simple one-step installation without the need for stirring or mixing
  • Cost-savings potential
  • No need for moisture or pH testing
  • No requirement for a sub-slab moisture barrier
  • Resists liquids topically, including water and spills
  • Establishes a lasting, waterproof connection
  • Features a self-repairing, elastic membrane
  • Impressive resistance to plasticizer migration
  • Speedier construction schedule and occupancy times achieved
  • Achieves full cure in just 6 hours (for heat-welding, wet mopping, stripping/finishing)
  • Handles extreme heavy rolling loads with ease
  • Accommodates various types of flooring during installation
  • FloorScore certified - exhibits low VOC levels and an exceptionally faint odor
  • 1 year shelf life