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Easy Drains

Walk-in or barrier-free showers are increasingly becoming favored and commonly incorporated into contemporary bathrooms. These sought-after showers are typically paired with a linear shower drain, providing various advantages such as effortless cleaning and a sleek surface profile.

Aesthetic appeal – Linear drains boast a sleek and slender profile, serving as a discreet yet stylish focal point that complements a wide range of shower floors.

Ease of upkeep – Linear drains ensure straightforward maintenance and effective water drainage. Who wouldn’t appreciate a shower drain that’s effortless to clean?

Versatility – Linear drains provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing placement in virtually any location within your barrier-free bathroom. This flexibility empowers you to craft the ideal layout for your bathroom.

Where to buy

US Distributor
Utica Ave. Plumbing
769 Utica Ave.
Brooklyn, NY, USA 11203
Contact:Josh Brandner

Cesario & Co
1911 Dundas St. East
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4X 1M1
Contact: Al Shahbazi

Recommended models

The following models are recommended for Altro sheet flooring:

  • EDVIN-M4-700
  • EDVIN-M4-800
  • EDVIN-M4-900
  • EDVIN-M4-1000
  • EDVIN-M4-1200

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