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Altro Ensemble

Welcome to our page of Altro Ensemble frequently asked questions. We have tried to address many of your queries but please contact us if your specific question is not answered here.

A.    Altro Ensemble is a luxury vinyl tile, (LVT) modular flooring system from Altro. It is a quality, design-led floor manufactured by Altro in Germany. It is a luxury vinyl tile suitable for commercial environments where aesthetics, comfort underfoot and sound reduction are important. Low residual indentation supports heavy rolling loads, heavy equipment, and furniture. At the same time the integrated impact sound reduction system cuts impact sound by up to 15dB.

A.    There have been several deletions across Altro Ensemble including all block colours allowing more focus to be given to wood, stone, and concrete-effect designs.
The new range consists of 24 wood-effect designs (15 new designs) and 10 stone / concrete-effect (3 new designs).
There are two additional tile/plank sizes and a finer grain emboss which will be standard on 7 of the wood-effect additions.

A.    The range consists of 34 colours and designs that are available in several different plank or tile sizes. There are traditional and contemporary wood-effect designs, plus stone and concrete-effect tiles. There are 6 tile/plank size options to choose from:
  • 100mm x 500mm plank
  • 125mm x 1,000mm plank
  • 166mm x 1500mm plank (new)
  • 200mm x 2000mm plank
  • 500mm x 1000mm tile for the stone / concrete-effect designs
  • 500mm x 500mm tile for the stone / concrete-effect designs (new)
These different sizes and formats combine to offer an extensive range of 71 options that can be used to create a huge variety of designs, using different sizes and plank / tile combinations including herringbone and standard straight lay planks.

A.    Altro Ensemble has several specific features that make the floor the perfect choice for those who want a robust and creative floor. Some of the key points include the 15dB impact sound reduction that combines with comfort underfoot, a 0.55mm wear layer as part of an overall 2.6mm thickness and a weight of 2.35 kg/m2. Altro Ensembles wood grain texture also adds a high degree of realism to the wood-effect design and this, combined with the micro-bevelled edge, gives Altro Ensemble a very realistic look when installed.

A.    In our research we have seen that designers and specifiers want to use floors to create bespoke and creative interior designs. Altro Ensemble makes this possible. Customers can use planks and tiles of different sizes and effect together to create stimulating and exciting floor designs from herringbone to geometric patterns.

A.   Altro Ensemble is recommended for commercial environments which include general circulation areas, receptions, and corridors. Altro Ensemble can also be used in many retail, hospitality, commercial and education environments to create sophisticated and stylish interior spaces.

A.    Altro Ensemble should not be used in areas where there is the potential for spillages from liquids or contaminants, or in wet areas. In such areas an Altro safety floor should be specified.

A.    No, Altro Ensemble is heterogeneous with a 0.55mm wear layer. Extensive testing has been done to ensure that the floor is fit for purpose.

A.    Altro Ensemble benefits from a 10-year guarantee, which is supported by the customer care and assurance that you get when buying an Altro product.

A.     Altro Ensemble is not a safety floor. If the area to be installed has the potential for spillages from liquids or contaminants, or is a wet area, then an Altro safety floor should be used.

A.    Yes, just like all other Altro floors Altro Ensemble can be used in association with underfloor temperature conditioning.

A.     A suitable water based acrylic adhesive should be used to install Altro Ensemble in the majority of cases. Altro Ensemble should be laid into the adhesive in its wet state to ensure an adequate bond. If more specialist areas are being installed such as thermally dynamic areas, then please consult the Altro Technical Services team for more detailed information.

A.     Altro Ensemble is a very flexible floor. The high quality and robust construction allows this flexibility which makes the floor very easy to cut and install.

A.     Yes, Altro Ensemble benefits from our latest and most advanced cleaning technology, Altro Easyclean. This system makes Altro Ensemble very easy to clean and maintain.

A.     An installation guide is provided in each box of Altro Ensemble and the information is also available on the Altro website.

A.     All the elements of the Altro modular flooring system contribute to reducing the environmental impact of your specification.
A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Smooth Vinyl Flooring, full details available at
Contains a bio plasticiser from a renewable resource.
Free from phthalate plasticisers and low TVOC <200.

A.     Altro Ensembles formulation provides excellent chemical and stain resistance from most common contaminants such as alcohol hand gels. Please contact Altro for further information about specific chemical resistance.

A.     Altro Ensemble is supplied in boxed quantities. No part boxes will be supplied.
The 2,000mm plank is supplied in boxes of 6m2.

A.     Yes it is. Please consult Altro or your local sales consultant for further information.