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La Paz University Hospital, Madrid

Comfortable space created for parents and babies at university hospital

Altro Operetta


La Paz University Hospital in Madrid is a national centre of expertise in neonatal care. They wanted to transform the Neonatal Acute Unit, to allow families to stay together with their babies while they are receiving treatment and care. In total, 24 units were created to accommodate and make this visit more comfortable.


A homely, family-friendly space was needed that was also hygienic and reduced the transfer of noise. VĂ­ctor de las Casas, Architect at EACSN studio, said: “We wanted to modernise the neonatology area: not only in terms of materials, but in the very “neonatal concept” of La Paz, which wants to encourage parents to be with their children in the most normal and welcoming way possible”.


Sandra Fuentes, Maintenance and Works Technician at La Paz said: “The professional high standards of the medical team had not been reflected in the quality of the neonatal unit, and that was frustrating.” The flooring needed to be able to cope with foot traffic, hospital beds, trolleys and wheelchairs. It also needed good looks and design flexibility. The hospital team opted for robust Altro Operetta flooring, which provides 4dB impact sound reduction, comfort underfoot and ease of cleaning.

Altro Operetta is a robust floor perfect for medium to high traffic areas and is easy to clean and maintain. Designed in line with the Bauhaus ethos that style is as important as function, it has multiple attractive, natural colours and finishes to fit in your interior design scheme.

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Altro Operetta gives the same warm feeling that carpet does, but also provides safety to both staff and patients.

Basically, all the technical issues have been resolved and the floor has provided more comfort for families staying in the unit.