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Miraval Berkshires, UK

Luxury hotel chooses Altro to revitalise historic kitchen

Altro Stronghold 30


The hospitality industry is constantly growing and evolving to accommodate the needs of its patrons. A hotel’s success is contingent on the entire guest experience being as close to perfect as possible, combining the comforts of home with luxury and breathtaking aesthetics. Miraval Berkshires, a deluxe relative of the Hyatt brand, incorporated this concept into its design, transforming a hilltop Tudor-style mansion and the surrounding woodland into a tranquil retreat that embodies its “life in balance” philosophy. Converting this historic 380-acre campus into a premier New England getaway presented its fair share of challenges – particularly the task of updating the mansion’s outdated kitchen. Years of exposure to heavy traffic and inconsistent maintenance had left preexisting quarry tiles damaged and worn down. For the mansion to complete its transition, the kitchen required a flooring solution that prioritized both durability and the safety of staff simultaneously.


A collaboration between multiple Altro representatives and consultants ultimately led to Miraval choosing Altro Stronghold 30 for its kitchen renovations. Designed to minimize the risk of injuries and accidents in areas associated with wet and greasy conditions, this resilient safety flooring offers Altro’s highest available slip resistance rating. Altro Stronghold 30 also contributes to reduced fatigue with its 3mm thickness, providing ample comfort underfoot.


In addition to offering impressive durability and slip-resistant properties, Altro Stronghold 30 promotes a hygienic kitchen environment. Porous grout and cracked tiles can harbour bacteria and other common contaminants that evade routine maintenance, compromising the health of both guests and staff alike. Altro Stronghold 30’s heat-welded seams create an impermeable seal that prevents moisture and bacteria from accumulating below the surface, making it ideal for commercial kitchen and food prep areas where cleanliness is a top priority. With the help of Altro safety flooring, Miraval Berkshires turned what was once a dilapidated space into a state-of-the-art kitchen ready to serve its guests the finest culinary creations.

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