University of Bath, UK

Altro sets the bar high at University of Bath's Sports Training Village

Altro Aquarius, Altro Whiterock

Altro safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding are providing the highest standard of safety, hygiene and aesthetics for athletes at the University of Bath’s renowned £30 million Sports Training Village (STV).

The STV is an indoor and outdoor facility that accommodates more than 50 sports and regularly hosts major international competitions, as well as being a world-class multi-sport training environment. Altro Whiterock was chosen, alongside Altro Aquarius safety flooring, for the refurbishment of the dry changing areas.

STV Sports Facilities Manager, Ron Stewart, explains why Altro has been selected for these projects. “The University has been using Altro Whiterock for many years as standard in its shower areas, so we know that it’s a great product — superb quality, easy to clean and with a contemporary look.

“We didn’t hesitate in choosing Altro Whiterock for the swimming pool wet changing refurbishment. The existing walls were a very poor quality laminated product which looked pretty dreadful. The Altro Whiterock was a huge improvement, as we knew it would be, and has made all the difference in terms of creating a cleaner, more modern-looking space, quality and easy maintenance.”

Ron continues: “For the refurbishment of the dry changing area, Altro Whiterock was number one choice again, but we also needed to find a much better quality vinyl safety flooring, because what we had was terrible. It was costing us a fortune to patch up because it kept cracking, and the joints were failing. We wanted a serious upgrade in quality, a modern product that looked great, and something that would stand the test of time and be easy to clean.

“Our project manager gave us a range of samples to assess, but he very much recommended that Altro Aquarius was the right product for us, because of its safety properties for combined wet and dry areas, colour choices, and proven track record in similar environments.”

The Altro flooring and hygienic wall cladding was fitted by Quadrant Contract Flooring, who have used Altro products for more than 20 years. Quadrant Contracts Director Simon Allan, says:

“We specify Altro for the majority of our work because we believe it’s the best on the market. It’s British-made, so supply is always good, and the support we get from Altro is great.

Like all Altro products, Altro Aquarius is very easy to work with, and goes down well. We used AltroFix 19 Plus adhesive to lay the flooring.

“The Altro Whiterock fitting went well too,” adds Simon. “It was a two-phase operation, but it’s a quick product to put up, so despite a very tight time schedle we were able to finish on time — fitting 214m² in one week using a two-part joint system.”

Ikon Construction were the main contractor for the refurbishment at the STV. Operations Manager Mike Clements said: “We were very pleased with the quality of Quadrant’s installation of the Altro flooring and wall cladding. We work a great deal with Quadrant on a wide range of projects and they are always professional, co-operative and deliver a superb result.”

Ron Stewart adds: “The Altro Whiterock looks great, we will continue to use it and recommend it wherever there is a need here. It’s so easy to clean as well, which is major bonus for our maintenance staff.

“The Altro Aquarius looks perfect, the colour is just right, it’s feels great underfoot and the feedback has been very positive about every aspect of it, including the cleaning regime. It has helped transform our changing areas into something we are really proud of.”

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