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Altro Walls ShowerKit

Welcome to our page of Altro Walls ShowerKit frequently asked questions. We have tried to address many of your queries but please contact us if your specific question is not answered here.

A.   Altro Walls ShowerKit is suitable for residential bathrooms and wet rooms. Reducing installation time and simplifying the process, Altro Walls ShowerKit is available in a range of colours and tile-effect designs creating a neutral and clean appearance, or a contemporary ambience. Altro Walls ShowerKit is suitable for use by both professional installers and experienced DIYers.

A.    In response to customer feedback, we wanted to provide a genuine substitute for traditional wall solutions that require the need for specialised installation. Altro Walls ShowerKit enables customers to transform the appearance of bathrooms without undertaking extensive renovations, saving both time and money in refurbishment or new build projects. Without the need for grout, where stains and mould can be a problem, Altro Walls ShowerKit looks good from installation and beyond. With its innovative design, Altro Walls ShowerKit significantly reduces installation time and effort, returning areas to use quickly, streamlining the overall construction process and minimising disruption to residents.

A.    Altro Whiterock is our proven, high performance, hygienic system which is impact-resistant, impermeable, grout-free and easy-to-maintain. It is used in number of applications from commercial kitchens to operating theatres. Altro Walls ShowerKit is suitable for residential bathrooms and wet rooms removing the need for a specialist installer. The size of the sheet has been adjusted and the installation process simplified, making Altro Walls ShowerKit an ideal choice for both residential and light commercial settings.

A.    Altro Walls ShowerKit sheets are available in a standard size of 2.4m by 600mm.

A.    Altro Walls ShowerKit has several benefits over a traditional ceramic tiled wall finish:

  • Altro Walls ShowerKit is quicker to install than traditional ceramic tiles; the large sheet area allows quicker coverage and there is no need to return to site to carry out a secondary grouting process
  • Altro Walls ShowerKit sheets are impervious to moisture and very easy to keep clean meaning there is nowhere for mould to harbour, and the discolouration often associated with cementitious grout with ceramic tiles is not present
  • the tough, robust, and flexible nature of Altro Walls ShowerKit means that it is resistant to knocks and bangs; no cracking or chipping that can occur with ceramic tiles. This, combined with the easy-to-clean benefits of Altro Walls ShowerKit makes it a more hygienic solution.

A.    Altro Walls ShowerKit can be installed in most areas that a ceramic tile can be used. However, we do not recommend that Altro Walls ShowerKit is installed behind any intense heat sources such as cooker hobs.

A.    Altro Walls ShowerKit is available in several different colours and tile patterns:

  • white plus 26 plain colours
  • tile-effect – 6 colours/designs
    • Stacked Metro - 100mm x 300mm
    • Stacked Metro - 200mm x 300mm
    • Square - 100mm x 100mm

  • Altro Walls ShowerKit can be installed on to numerous different substrates, including existing tiles.
  • There is no need to wait for specialist trades on-site.
  • Sheets are installed using a fast-curing multipurpose MS-Polymer giving a tough and robust finished surface.
  • Joints between sheets are sealed utilising a brand-new and unique backplate trim ensuring a watertight and impervious wall finish.
  • Internal/external corners, edges and joints to baths and shower trays can be finished using a range of accessories achieving a long-lasting and modern solution.
  • Full installation instructions can be found on the Altro website,

A.    Yes. Tiles must be securely bonded to the substrate, thoroughly cleaned, and degreased using a suitable degreasing agent and scouring pad, fully rinsed with clean water, and allowed to dry. Abrade the surface with a diamond abrasive disc to scratch through the tile glaze and remove all dust. Tiles should be rinsed for a second time and allowed to dry. Use a grinder or sanding equipment fitted with a captive dust bag or vacuum. Loose tiles must be removed, and the area made good using Ardurapide 45 rapid repair mortar, sand, and cement with Unibond mix (if drying time permits), Hardwall gypsum render coat or a comparable thickness plywood infill.

A.    Altro Walls ShowerKit panels should always be fixed to the substrate using AltroFix MP600. Check the installation instructions for more details.

A.    Yes. Anyone with reasonable DIY skills can install Altro Walls ShowerKit. However, you need to be confident with the Altro Walls ShowerKit installation instructions before you start the installation process. You only need standard tools and your Altro Walls ShowerKit order will be delivered with comprehensive installation instructions. Alternatively, please speak to your Altro sales consultant who can recommend an experienced installer.

A.    It is important that the bath or shower tray is already securely in place and sealed appropriately before Altro Walls ShowerKit is installed. Full installation instructions are supplied with each order.

A.    Yes. A festool and pressure guide is the best method. However, a jigsaw fitted with a fine-tooth metal cutting blade or fine-toothed handsaw can also be used to cut more intricate sections.

A.    Cleaning of Altro Walls ShowerKit is easy and straight forward. Weekly cleaning using a soft cloth, water, and diluted household detergents should be carried out. For more stubborn stains use diluted AltroClean™ 44. Silicone should be cleaned with a PH-neutral cleaner.

  • A one-part PVCu backplate combined with colour-matched Altro sanitary sealant form a secure and watertight joint between sheets.
  • External corners can be finished with a single part brushed stainless steel corner trim.
  • A two-part PVCu start, and edge colour-matched trim can be used as a finishing detail.
  • A white two-part PVCu shower trim is available in two sizes for joints to baths and shower trays.

A.    Altro Walls ShowerKit is manufactured to order and is usually supplied within two weeks from acceptance of a written quotation.

A.    Altro Walls ShowerKit has a 10-year guarantee.