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City buses

Altro flooring solutions for city buses

Whether it’s the daily commute, school run or passengers travelling to meet friends or shop City buses are exposed to the highest levels of footfall and most extreme service demands. For such a key part of many people’s daily lives, an inviting travel interior, which is accessible to all, is foremost in the minds of operators.

Altro Transflor Chroma installed on an Abellio operated London bus.

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Durable floors for city bus services

Durable safety floors for bus are key to ensuring long lasting performance in heavy-duty applications. Altro floors for bus, such as Altro Transflor Chroma EV and Altro Transflor Figura EV are specifically engineered to give robust durability even when subjected to the heaviest of foot traffic, all while maintaining reliable slip resistance.

The pedatron flooring durability testing equipment in action.

Safety floors for city buses

All of our bus floors offer dependable safety credentials, so no matter where your service is, your passengers remain protected. We pride ourselves on giving you the most up to date and transparent safety data on our products so that you know what you’re seeing will be exactly what you get – no nasty surprises!

Our safety floors for bus are stringently tested throughout development to ensure that they offer the best performing slip resistance not just ex-factory, but throughout their service life, too. The tough durability of our products mean that they perform better, for longer.

Lightweight city bus flooring solutions

As more and more authorities make the switch to electric vehicles for cleaner city air in order to reach decarbonisation targets, ensuring the lightest possible build weight is an easy way to ensure greater fuel efficiency or charge range. We pride ourselves on engineering lightweight floors without compromising on safety or durability in service. Since 2017, we have reduced the weight of our heavy-duty bus floors by 20%, maintaining the same excellent safety and durability credentials.

Altro Transflor Chroma EV in Capri and Tuscan installed in a city bus.

If you’re looking for a fast, lightweight vehicle build, you’re in luck! Save up to 60% extra on adhesive weight by ordering your flooring in a self-adhesive format, while cutting time and labour costs on your flooring installation.

Water-resistant logos for city buses

Designate accessible areas such as spaces for wheelchairs and pushchairs with our water-resistant laminated logos. Using our in-house precision cutting technology we can create intricate logos for wayfinding, or to add visual flair, all fully sealed and impervious to water to protect your vehicle’s subfloor.

Easy-clean flooring for city buses

As passengers make the return to public transport post-pandemic, clean and hygienic bus interiors are further front of mind than ever before. All Altro bus floors are made from vinyl, a highly durable, non-porous, non-shedding material with very high impact resistance; preventing the cracks and chipping that can trap bacteria and allow them to proliferate. Vinyl is suggested for use as a standard for the transport industry because of its inherent hygienic and safety properties, as well as a far more effective cleaning record compared to carpet.

City buses are exposed to the widest array of staining contaminants of all types of bus services. Whether that’s water, ice and mud tracked in on the bottom of passengers’ feet or food and drink dropped on board, our bus floors are formulated to be stain resistant and easy to clean, even if the stains are left all service before cleaning can commence. Watch below how Altro Transflor Artis cleaned up when exposed to some common contaminants:

Fast, easy installation for city bus floors

When there’s a contract for an entire fleet of city buses to fill, fast high-quality installations are the order of the day. To help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with this, we have developed a range of installation services to allow you to save time, weight and waste on your installations.

Find out more about our range of installation services here.

A clean, hygienic bus interior is the best way to build confidence for passengers returning to public transport.