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Social housing flooring and walling

Communal areas can be exposed to a lot of damage as buggies, motorbikes, bicycles and wheelchairs can track in dirt and water as well as cause bumps and scratches to floors and walls. Bathrooms and kitchens in tenants’ homes can spell danger, with the potential for slips and damage caused by water ingress, bacteria and mould. Both areas should be not only safe and durable but aesthetically pleasing, making both communal areas and the tenants’ spaces into a place they are happy to call home.

Social housing must address the varying needs of tenants and be able to provide a durable solution that is also long lasting and easy to maintain and can handle the stress of busy environments.

Altro safety flooring has some of the longest guarantees in the industry, both for longevity and slip resistance, for communal areas and tenant homes. Altro Fortis wall protection can make communal areas easy to maintain and look good for longer. In tenant homes, our wood-look flooring creates warm and inviting living areas. We also have specialist safety solutions for kitchens and bathrooms that combine aesthetics with safety and easy maintenance.

To help you take good care of your tenants, we’ll take good care of you. We’re here to support you every step of the way, from specification and installation to aftercare. It’s all part of the Altro promise.


Entrances, stairwells and corridors in social housing are busy environments. Buggies, wheelchairs and shoes can track in water and dirt, creating a slip hazard. Altro safety flooring reduces the chances of a slip to a one in a million chance for the lifetime of the flooring, keeping tenants safe, whatever the weather. It is also durable and able to handle foot and wheeled traffic, and point loading. So it will last for years to come.

As our population ages, there is increasing pressure on social housing to provide accommodation to those with physical and mental disabilities. With Altro we have specific solutions and guidance to help provide an environment that it is safe and easy for people to live in. We ‘future proof’ your installation by making it possible to create a home where people, no matter what their age or physical ability, can live in safety and comfort. We have specific design solutions for visual impairment or physical disability.

With some of the longest guarantees in the business, you can rest assured your installation will be safe for years to come.


Communal areas can’t be shut down for long for cleaning or maintenance, as they need to be open 24/7 so tenants can access their homes. For corridors, stairwells and entrances, floors and walls that are easily cleaned and maintained makes life easier – and safer – for everyone. It also saves on maintenance costs. Surfaces that are impervious and have sealed joints between floors and walls prevent infestations and growth from mould and mildew.

In the tenants’ homes, Altro have a range of floors that creates a homely look for living areas. For bathrooms and kitchens we have specialist solutions that are easy to clean, which means that they will look good for longer. Tiles and grout can be damaged and water; bacteria, mould and bugs can reach the substrate and cause damage and infestation. With Altro safety floors you can be sure that there is nowhere for nasties to hide, protecting the health of tenants as well as the subfloor from water ingress. Our safety floorg solutions for living areas provide not only a warm and welcoming environment, but one that is o durable and easy to keep clean, helping the floor maintain its good looks for longer.

Having an environment that is easy to keep clean makes life easier – and safer - for everyone. Surfaces that are impervious and can be washed and even steam cleaned allows the highest levels of hygiene to be maintained.


Altro safety floors and hygienic walls come in a range of colours, from neutral, warm and cool colours to wood-look. Our durable wall protection system, Altro Fortis, provides a tough surface to deal with busy communal areas such as entrances, stairwells and corridors. Combined with Altro safety floors, it creates a safe and durable solution for these tough environments.

Over the threshold, we have a range of wood-look flooring that gives a warm and homely feeling for living areas. Our specialist bathroom floor, Altro Pisces, has a consistent, soft appearance, perfect for domestic bathrooms. Available in 16 shades, it gives colour choice to fit into existing interior design. For walls, Altro Whiterock Satins hygienic wall cladding comes in 27 soft shades, giving an array of colour options. Altro XpressLay adhesive-free provides an easy to install, slip-resistant and aesthetically pleasing floor solution for home kitchens, with up to 42 colour choices.

For guidance on the right colours to choose, please see information on colour and light reflectance values in our section about designing for dementia.

Fast refurbishment

If you need to refurbish a floor quickly for a new tenant, Altro XpressLay adhesive-free is ideal. Utilising unique Altro Looselay technology, it can be fitted without adhesive, and can even be laid on fresh concrete for new builds. It can be easily removed and reused elsewhere, and recycled at the end of its life, benefiting your budget and the environment.


Cut down on landfill tax and boost your environmental credentials with our recycling schemes, Recofloor and Recowall, which gives your (clean) waste wall cladding and floors a new life. Also, don't forget that you can use Altro XpressLay adhesive-free more than once – that's what we call real recycling!

Specifying checklist


  • Drainage/existing substrate
  • Type of equipment that will be used in the room
  • Extra impact resistance for walking aids and wheeled mobility aids
  • Cleaning
  • Stairs or ramps
  • Ground floor or upper floor location
  • Shoe and barefoot usage
  • Spillages of food, bodily fluids or chemicals
  • Potential for staining of floor
  • Contrasting colours on walls and floors, which can help those suffering from dementia or visual impairments
  • Design and appearance
  • Time available for installation


  • Existing substrate/wall finish
  • Extra impact resistance for walking aids and wheeled mobility aids
  • Pipes, vents, ducts, wall furniture, window and door frames
  • Colour/contrast finish requirement
  • Hygiene requirements
  • Cleaning
  • Time available for installation
  • Coved skirting for hygiene and easy cleaning