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AltroFix 19 Plus solvent free flooring adhesive

Important changes to the safe use of products containing diisocyanates

From 24 August 2023 professional users of products containing diisocyanates, are required by law to carry out mandatory training to allow the continued safe use of these products.

ISOPA and ALIPA, the trade associations for the industry, have created a very useful website [Safe use of Diisocyanates - Home EN] where you can find all of the details relating to the changes, and information on how to find a training course.

Course 049 is a suitable course for Altro flooring adhesives and walling adhesives, which can be found here.

For more information contact 01462 489 516

AltroFix 19 Plus is a solvent and water-free, two-part polyurethane adhesive that is not affected, once it has cured, by spillages of water and most other liquids. AltroFix 19 Plus is supplied in 1.5 kg, 3 kg, and 6kg units in the correct quantities for mixing. Both A and B parts are held within the container. AltroFix 19 Plus can be used with all Altro safety flooring (in areas subject to spillages). AltroFix 19 Plus is also recommended for use with Altro materials which can be bonded to AltroEverlay underlayment. Not suitable for use on vertical surfaces.

Colour Beige.

Coverage Average 4 to 6 m²/kg depending on porosity of the subfloor and trowel size.
1.5kg Unit: 6 - 7m²
3kg Unit: 12 - 14m²
6kg Unit: 24 - 28m²

Please find specific product data below. For our full range of technical information visit our technical documents section. For any further queries please call our Customer Care Centre on 01462 489516.

AltroFix 19 Plus technical data sheet

AltroFix 19 Plus MSDS Part A

AltroFix 19 Plus MSDS Part B