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How to choose your Altro resin system

Step 1 - Pick your ideal product

Establish which Altro resin product is ideal for your environment by checking out our technical chart below:

Step 2 - Choose the right variant for your environment and application area

Once you’ve found an Altro product that you are interested in, discover a range of product variants that are suitable for your environment. Simply click on the product range on the technical chart to learn more about the variants in that range.

Step 3. Select the colour for your area

Once you have chosen the variant that is right for you, click on its link on the product range page to view the colour options to choose from.

How to order your Altro resin system

Ordering your Altro resin system is simple. Get in touch with our friendly Altro consultants and give them the details of the product type and variant you would like to order, and our consultants will take it from there. If you would like more information regarding any of our products, please contact us and an Altro specialist will answer your questions. Alternatively, order your free samples online today.

  Altro Crete Altro Grip Altro Screed Altro Flexiflow Altro Flow Altro Mosaic Altro Tect Altro Coat Altro Seal
FeRFA Type 4,5,7,8 4 n/a, 6 5 5 4 3 2 1
Nominal thickness 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm 1mm, 1.25mm, 2mm, 4.5mm, 6mm 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm 2mm 1mm, 2mm, 3mm 1mm - 1.5 mm 350 - 500 microns 180 microns 90 - 180 microns
Guarantee years 6, 10, 15 3, 6, 10 6, 10 6 6 6 3 2 2
Life expectancy years 10, 15, 20 6, 10, 15 10, 15 40* 10 8 7 5 5
Impact resistance Good - excellent Limited - excellent Limited - excellent Good Good Limited Limited Limited Limited
Wear characteristics Medium - very heavy duty Medium - heavy duty Medium - heavy duty Light / medium duty Medium duty Medium duty Medium duty Light - medium duty Light duty
Slip resistance BS 7976 PTV ≥36, ≥50
variants available
≥40, ≥50
variants available
≥40 variants available ≥36 variants available n/a n/a ≥36 variants available ≥36 variants available ≥36 variants available
Service temperature -40 - 60°C, -40 - 120°C 0 - 60°C 0 - 60°C 0 - 30°C 0 - 60°C 0 - 60°C 0 - 60°C 0 - 60°C 0 - 60°C
Chemical resistance Excellent Good Good Moderate Good Good Good Good Good
Typical applications Commercial kitchens, food and drink manufacturing areas. Pharmaceutical, chemical and engineering areas. Wet general industry and wet automotive areas. Reception areas, atria, communal areas, walkways, corridors and custodial areas. Commercial and light production areas, classrooms and corridors. Pharmaceutical, industrial, and production. Reception areas, atria, communal areas, walkways and corridors. General industry, warehousing, storage and defence. Warehousing storage and plant rooms. Packing areas, pharmaceutical, craft and design rooms. Areas requiring increased chemical resistance.

* Top coat will need to be refreshed

Technical information

FeRFA The Resin Association do not consider anhydrite, hemi-hydrite and calcium sulphate screeds to be suitable for overlayment with resin floor finishes.

All thicknesses are nominal.

Altro resins are specifically designed for use in industrial and commercial environments and perform well in these areas. However, Altro do not promote resin products for use in domestic applications, on-site support is not available for such installations.

Altro resin products provide a tough and practical solution. However, as with most industrial and commercial flooring, in some situations resins may suffer chemical attack or staining particularly on premature or prolonged contact with chemicals including water. Please consult Altro for chemical resistance details.

Always use the correct maintenance and entrance matting to help minimise potential wear and maintain a clean environment.

Flooring surfaces with a texture shall require use of an appropriate cleaning method and materials. A build-up of dirt on a textured floor negates the benefit of texture.

Curing times are dependent upon the ambient and substrate temperature. Low and high temperatures will affect the application, appearance and service performance.

Other colours may be made to order. Pale colours may show some cosmetic discolouration on exposure to UV light. Please be aware when placing these products into areas where colour is important.

Please refer to the most up-to-date technical documents, including safety data sheets, for the Altro resin variant prior to beginning your installation.

PTV – pendulum test values are a general guide and measured in optimal laboratory conditions.

We strongly recommend carrying out a risk assessment in any area in which the installation of resin systems is considered, focusing on the potential risk posed by contaminants from spillages.

On extended contact, certain tyres may leach plasticiser. This may be difficult to remove or leave a permanent stain.

For further information please see our technical documents.