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Altro Whiterock White technical data sheet


Last edited: March 2021


Economical standard grade for general purpose use. Also suitable where sheet may come into contact with food.


Extruded semi-rigid PVCu sheet.

Surface finish:

Maximum service temp:

2500 x 1220mm (W103)
3000 x 1220mm (W104)
3.6 kg/m²

Altro Whiterock W103/104 PVCu extruded sheet is supplied with a protective film on its face which can be left in place until the room is ready for use.
This also helps to protect the surface from dust while other trades are in the area. It is ideal for applications requiring a hygienic easy-to-clean, almost maintenance free wall finish, which conforms to UK and European hygiene requirements.

This is the most economical standard grade which can be used for the majority of installations.


The sheets can be fixed directly to most dry substrates depending on its surface suitability, using one of the following methods:

  1. AltroFix™ W139 fully bonded system
  2. AltroFix™ W157 fully bonded system


Cutting to be carried out using a fine tooth circular saw with TCT cutting blades and pressure guide, fine tooth blade jigsaw, a fine tooth handsaw, a high speed TCT router.


- see relevant detailed drawings

  1. A high impact extruded PVCu ‘H’ joint trim (available in two part or single part for use in secure units), incorporating a watertight seal at the mouth of the joint, which is unique to Altro.
  2. Colour coordinated Altro Whiterock FlexiJoint™. (Not for use in secure units).
  3. Hot welded joint colour coordinated w/rod.
  4. Silicone sealant 3mm joint.
  5. A powder coated aluminium “H” joint used for extra impact or heat resistance.

Internal / external corners

- see relevant detailed drawings, available on the Altro Website; www.altro.com
Altro Whiterock is normally thermoformed on-site, internal and external corners including window and door reveals are neatly clad, omitting the need for corner trims. However, profiles are available for these junctions if the need arises. Vulnerable external corners are usually over-clad with stainless steel corner protectors, to a height of 1200mm.


Regular cleaning using a soft cloth and a suitably diluted mild detergent is all that is normally required. Stubborn marks can be removed with Altro Cleaner A859 or nonabrasive domestic type cream bath cleaner.
Do not use abrasive pads or wire wool. Do not clean above 60°C. Cleaning cards are available on request.

Chemical resistance

Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, specific details on request.



Storage & conditioning (on-site)

Sheets should be stored flat, fully supported and left for 24 hours to attain the ambient room temperature prior to installation (min 14°C).

Limitations of use

Altro Whiterock W103/104 has a maximum working temperature of 60°C. For temperatures above this use stainless steel. Stainless steel must be used for all open flame areas (available cut to size) must be extended to min 300mm past heatsource. If a layout showing the position of equipment can be supplied, we will provide specific advice as to the best combination of materials to use.

Typical applications

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical areas
  • food manufacturing areas
  • shower / toilet / changing room areas

Our Technical Services Department is available for advice on 01462 707600.

Technical data

Property Standard Value
Surface finish Satin
Thickness 2.5mm
Size 2500 mm x 1220 mm
3000 mm x 1220 mm
Weight 3600 g/m²
Density ISO 1183 1.44 g/cm3
Maximum service temperature 60℃
Hardness (Shore D) ISO 868 76
Fire resistance EN 13501-1
BS 476 pt 6
BS 476 pt 7
B- s3, d0
Class 0 (when fixed to a non-combustible substrate)
Class 1
Notched Impact resistance ISO 179/1ea 9.5 KJ/m²
Impact resistance ISO 179/1eU +20℃ without breakage
0℃ without breakage
-20℃ without breakage
Flexural strength ISO 178 70 MPa
Tensile strength ISO 527 52 MPa
E-modulus of elasticity ISO 527 2950 MPa
Compressive strength DIN 53421 68 N/mm²
Vicat softening point VST/B ISO 306 73℃
Expansion coefficient DIN 53752 0.07 mm/mK
Heat distortion temperature ISO 75-2 60℃
Water Absorption ISO 62 ≤ 0.1%
Thermal Conductivity EN 12524 0.17 W/mK
″U″ value (bonded to 100mm block wall) DIN 52612 1.8 W/m² ℃
Moisture Vapour Transmission rate (MVTR) ASTM E96 ≤ 0.12g/m²/24hrs
Water vapour resistivity ASTM E96 3.82 x 105GN.S/Kg.m
Light reflectance values (LRV) D65 artificial daylight 89



For further information or technical advice
call our Customer Care Centre on 01426 700600
or email: enquiries@altro.com

NOTE: “Altro Ltd” (“Altro”) endeavours to ensure that advice and information given in Product Data Sheets, Method Statements and Material Safety Data Sheets (all known as Product Literature) is accurate and correct. However, where Altro has no control over the selection of its products for particular applications, it is important that any prospective customer, user or specifier, satisfies him / herself that the product is suitable for the intended application. In this process, due regard should be taken of the nature and composition of the background / base and the ambient conditions both at the time of laying / applying / installing / curing of the material and when the completed work is to be brought into use.

However, as site conditions and the execution of the work are beyond our control, we accept no resultant liability.

Altro’s policy is one of continuous research and development and we reserve the right to update our products and information at any time without prior notice.