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Commuter trains

Commuter trains see the highest levels of foot traffic of any overground train service. The lifeline of hundreds of thousands of workers every day, at peak times these services are standing room only. Floors for commuter trains must have robust durability, strong slip resistance credentials to keep standing passengers safe from slips and trips, and be easy to maintain and keep clean.

Our range of floors for commuter trains can also be used to support operator branding with a range of available standard colours and the option to create custom designs to suit your interior design plans. Use the tabs on the right hand side of the page to find out more.

Altro Transflor Motus in Union installed on a commuter train.

Safety floors

Altro Transflor Tungsten in Breeze installed on a commuter train.

On commuter services where passengers usually take their journey standing, and the risk of spilled drinks or other foodstuffs is high, safety floors are more important than ever. A good safety floor will offer one in a million slip resistance, even when subjected to contaminants which may interrupt the contact between a passenger’s shoe and the slip-resistant aggregates in the floor. Even at quieter times in the day, when entering and alighting the train carriage, and walking between seats and other carriage amenities, a slip resistant floor will help protect passengers from slip accidents.

Altro Transflor Tungsten, for example, achieves a pendulum test value (PTV) of ≥40 meaning that passengers standing on this acrylic safety floor have a less than one in a million chance of suffering a slip, even if liquid contaminants are present.

Durable floors

Commuter trains, especially at peak times, endure heavy loads of concentrated foot traffic. With commuters standing to travel, swaying with the movement of the train and making hundreds of tiny movements a second to keep their balance, floors need to be able to stand up to this unique type of wear.

Altro Transflor Tungsten is built with resilience in mind. Constructed from lightweight flexible acrylic, a material well-known for its unique strength, Altro Transflor Tungsten is also engineered with aggregate throughout the thickness of the floor which means that wear is a very slow process, and even when wear does occur, the slip resistance is not adversely affected. The scrim in the middle construction gives the floor extra resistance to vehicle torsion, giving protection from cracking. Altro Transflor Tungsten offers wear resistance compliant to EN 13845, with less than or equal to 10% particles lost per 50,000 cycles.

Easy clean floors

Contaminants are common on the daily commute. Whether it’s a hot drink to start a commuter’s day, pastry crumbs or even simply dirt tracked through the floor on a wet day, floors on commuter services must be easy to clean, and easy to clean quickly, for a fast return to service.

The impervious nature of our floors means that they are easier to clean than other popular floor types, such as carpet. With no porous fibres clinging on to stains, bacteria, and bad smells, Altro’s resilient floors for rail offer a flat, smoother surface to wipe off stains with minimal agitation needed. For our best performance in stain resistance, discover Altro Transflor Motus.

An Autoglym engineer performing a scrub with a deck brush as part of a deep clean on Altro Transflor Tungsten and Altro Transflor Motus