Autoglym's top 10 tips for a clean floor in public transport vehicles

Thanks to the easy-clean construction of our products, cleaning Altro Transflor products is easy - but there are many ways to make it harder than it should be. We asked clever cleaning company Autoglym for 10 top tips for squeaky clean transit flooring with minimal effort, minimal chemical use and Altro’s market leading slip resistance restored to factory fresh.

  1. Take care of your gear
    Before you get near the floor, look at your tools. Are your mop and bucket clean, or are you going to be spreading dirt around with filthy equipment? Start and end each clean with a bucket rinse and remember to launder your mop heads. Treat your floor to a new one every now and then – floors deserve love too.
  2. Pick-n-Mix
    Time to choose your cleaning chemical. We recommend Autoglym Connect products for the perfect balance of performance, cost in use and safety. A common misconception is that over diluted chemicals about means a faster clean saving you time and effort. Wrong! An over diluted wash solution will leave chemical residue on your floor which can attract more dirt meaning your next clean is harder. Don’t glug in your detergent, carefully dilute your cleaning chemicals according to manufacturer’s instructions and you will have the optimal mix for cleaning, drying and finish.
  3. I’ve seen the light!
    Time to board the vehicle to start the clean. It sounds obvious, but lots of light will help you see where there are any areas requiring extra attention and allow you to ensure a thorough job. It will also help you stay safe while you work. Transport cleaning often happens in the small hours, so if the onboard lighting is not up to scratch, a headtorch or auxiliary lighting will help.
  4. Pre-spray: The right way
    If you want to clean like an Autoglym Pro then we advise you use a pump sprayer to cover the floor in the detergent. These pressurised sprayers take a few swift pumps to charge up then provide detergent dispensing at the touch of a button. An even coating of pre-diluted detergent is essential for a flawless finish. Leave the detergent to get to work for a few minutes before moving to the next step…
  5. Mop out with clean water
    If you follow the pre-spray method above, you’ll only need carry one bucket filled with clean water onto the vehicle. Not only does this save you lugging around 20 kilos of water around, but the whole process is also a lot faster. Use the mop to wash the floor which will remove the detergent which has encapsulated the dirt. Because you diluted the detergent correctly, there will be no residue and mopping out will be a doddle. Result.
  6. Top to bottom, back to front
    Do not paint yourself into a corner with your mop! Make sure you mop towards the door so you don’t walk over a wet surface. Start on the top deck (if there is one) and work back towards the stairs, then down the stairs, to the back of the vehicle and out the door. It is a bit easier on a train as there is only one floor to worry about, but the concept is the same.
  7. It’s a kind of magic
    If you find a stubborn stain that is resistant to your mop, reach for an Autoglym Magic Sponge. These white rectangular marvels turbo charge your detergent and allow you to lift the most stubborn of stains. They are slightly abrasive but will not hurt your Altro flooring – it is made of sterner stuff than sponge.
  8. Kick out the jams
    The entry, exit and stair areas of buses and trains are often adorned with bright yellow areas warning riders of trip hazards in these high traffic areas. It is vital these high-viz sections remain bright, but they tend to accumulate stubborn dirt due to the high traffic they receive. The Magic Sponge can really come into its own on the stair nosing inserts. Spending time here will really pay off regarding the overall result.
  9. Coming unstuck
    How to tackle the chewing gum problem? Solve it with solvent, namely Autoglym Tar & Adhesive Remover. Originally developed to remove stubborn deposits on car exteriors, it has found a new use on transit flooring removing unsightly gum. Simply apply to the gum, allow it to break down the bond then scrape it off.
  10. Little and often
    This is the key to an easy life, keep on top of the dirt before it can really build up. If you do this, you will find your cleans are quick and efficient. It also allows a little extra time to attend to those unexpected cleaning gifts that are presented to us on transport flooring…

We hope you have found this guide helpful! To find out how Autoglym can help you and your organisation maintain your PSV fleet, head to