COBS Bread

How wheat it is to be installed by you

Altro Reliance 25, Altro Puraguard 

Altro floors have become the bread and butter interior finishes for COBS Bread Bakery.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, COBS Bread Bakery is part of one of the most successful franchise bakery networks in the world – Bakers Delight. An Australian-owned company, Bakers Delight has more than 700 bakeries across Australia, New Zealand and Canada (where they operate as COBS Bread).

COBS Bread has been operating in Canada since 2003, with locations across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, and plans to expand into Manitoba and the Maritimes. Their current foray is breaking through into the United States market – with their first bakery in Stamford, Connecticut.

COBS Bread bakeries are small, busy environments often dealing with dry splatter, such as flour, grains and seeds, that create a slip and fall concern. To prevent workplace injury, slip-resistant flooring is necessary.

Subjected to heavy equipment, like kneading machines that put a heavy torque on the floor system, and heat and moisture during the proofing stage, bakery interior finishes need to be able to take abuse. However, COBS designs its bakeries so customers can view the bread baking process from behind the counter, so floors and walls must have both aesthetics and performance.

Altro Reliance 25, slip resistant flooring that incorporates both looks and durability, was the product of choice for bakeries across Canada. At 2.5mm thick, Altro Reliance is highly durable and can cope with high levels of foot and wheeled traffic without compromising on performance.

COBS Bread’s Harvest Pointe Edmonton location added Altro Puraguard wall protection to its bakery in tandem with Altro Reliance 25, making for an environment both safe and hygienic.

Harry Kool, Senior Supply Chain, Property and Project Manager for COBS Bread, is happy with the Altro products, and feels that it is not just the floor, but the entire system that makes the installation work - everything down to the Altrofix 30/31 Adhesives, the Altromastic and Altro’s customer service.

“Having dedicated trades and recommended installers has really made a difference,” Kool said, noting that our recommendations of installers positively affect COBS’ total satisfaction throughout the process, and he is receiving fewer complaints and callbacks.

“Installers are generally better, communication with the General Contractor is better and the product is better,” Kool said.

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