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First Hill Surgery Center

A joint project between Polyclinic and Swedish Health called for Altro, and it all began with one sample of Altro Symphonia.

Altro SymphoniaAltro Zodiac SmoothAltro Whiterock

At the 2017 Starnet Design Awards, thanks to the planning, design and installation by TGB Architects and G&W Commercial Flooring, the First Hill Surgery Center project won Silver in Healthcare Design.‚Äč

Healthcare facilities of the Pacific Northwest, including The Polyclinic, were steadfast proponents of Altro Suprema. But with the large ambulatory surgery center project looming, prior cleaning concerns convinced new management to reconsider.

The First Hill Surgery Center was a joint venture between Swedish Medical Center, whom had recently been acquired by Providence Health & Services, and The Polyclinic, and was planned to be The Polyclinic’s ambulatory surgery center.

With 12 operating rooms and 32 postoperative rooms using comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, FHSC required their flooring durable and easily cleanable and their wall cladding hygienic.

The Polyclinic would be driving specifications for interiors, and even though they liked Altro Suprema, cleaning concerns carried over into planning meetings. We had explained and showed best practices, noting that cleaning safety sheet flooring is a different regime than smooth.

Steve Woodman of flooring contractor G&W Commercial Flooring said that The Polyclinic had been using Altro for a few years now, but were seeking alternatives. They needed a flooring that retained the slip resistance values of Altro Suprema, but a smoother surface.

Enter Altro Symphonia – the planned successor to Altro Suprema. The smooth sheet vinyl flooring had just begun production, so Altro Regional Representative Mark Ruda was only able to ask for one 6” x 9” sample. He acquired the sample on January 5, 2016, and had until the end of the month to convince the design team to jump on team Altro Symphonia.

Bridging the gap between smooth and slip resistant flooring, Altro Symphonia is easier to clean than traditional slip resistant flooring, but still enhances pedestrian safety with slip resistance values on par with its predecessor.

Taking Ruda’s sample to a design meeting, Woodman, the design team and The Polyclinic selected other available colors. Eventually, The Polyclinic elected to use Altro Symphonia for FHSC’s operating rooms – a 1,926 square yard installation.

“It was a challenging project in terms of tight time frames and complexity of installation...Had there been one glitch in delivery or product quality, we would never have completed on schedule.”

Our material was delivered on time, and both the contractor and The Polyclinic enjoyed the flooring. So much that the facility specified 155 sheets of Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding to accompany Altro Symphonia in their operating rooms.

Woodman said that having one vendor for all the flooring and wall cladding as an integrated system was quite attractive to both his team and The Polyclinic.

Another successful delivery prompted for more Altro – our Altro Zodiac Smooth sheet vinyl flooring was then selected for hallways and corridors. The Altro Zodiac Smooth actually totaled to more square yards than the initial Altro Symphonia – 2,380 to 1,926!

Everything was processed, delivered and installed, and First Hill Surgery Center was a rousing success.

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