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IPN University, Mexico

Great chemistry: Altro and IPN University

Altro Reliance 25, Altro Walkway 20, Altro Wood

It wasn’t just science tests going on in these classrooms! Serving as a test area for Altro Reliance 25 slip resistant flooring, chemistry classrooms at IPN were a pivotal step in the decision making process to use Altro flooring, not just in the science department, but all over the university.

Instituto Polit├ęcnico Nacional (IPN), Mexico’s second largest university, is home to over 10,000 professors and 170,000 students spread across 66 majors. The collegiate-level students, including those doing undergraduate and post-graduate work, as well as high school students, thrive on these expansive campuses throughout Mexico.

With regulations and precautions centered around keeping students safe while handling dangerous chemicals, the last thing teachers and administrators want to worry about is the state of the flooring.

IPN set out to find not just a suitable option, but one that will go above and beyond their large expectations. And not just in one laboratory - they sought a solution that would encompass most, if not all, of their insitutions’ chemistry classrooms.

Impressed by its resistance to staining and damage, IPN’s decision makers chose Altro Reliance 25 in the chemistry building.

In fact, they were so impressed, they decided Altro would be their flooring of choice for hallways, corridors and classrooms in other areas.

IPN opted for Altro Walkway 20 in hallways and corridors. Upon completion of these areas, installed Altro Walkway 20 will total 110,000 square yards.

School hallways and corridors are some of the most heavily-trafficked indoor areas. So IPN wasn’t in the minority when they needed a hard-wearing floor that would be resistant to staining and indentation to accommodate foot traffic, slip resistant flooring just in case a spilled water bottle got in the way and an attractive option - as students, teachers and administrators will always be looking.

Classrooms deserve a more home-like feel, so Altro Wood was installed in these areas for the enhanced warmth and attractiveness that only a natural wood look can provide.

The Altro Wood collection comes in safety, smooth and smooth acoustic options and is highly sought after by designers and end-users alike.

A winning combination of Altro Reliance 25, Altro Walkway 20 and Altro Wood is proving to be just what IPN needed in their facility renovations.

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