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Optare Versa and Solo demonstration vehicles, UK


Optare is a British based manufacturer providing lightweight passenger vehicles to operators across the globe. Altro is proud to have partnered with Optare for over 20 years.

Optare wanted to showcase new ideas for creating passenger appeal for their demonstration vehicles for EuroBus Expo 2018. The vehicles chosen were the Versa and Solo, premium single decker city buses. These buses not only had to look good, but be easy to maintain and offer something new and practical.


The design of these buses had to be bright and striking, presenting the possibilities available in terms of color and company branding, whilst also being functional and easy to maintain.

Samantha Beeley of Designs and Concepts was consulted for the design of these vehicles, and she had no hesitation in specifying Altro Transflor custom design flooring and the Altro logo and pre-cut flooring service.


The final design used Altro Transflor custom design flooring in a cool blue for the Versa, and a sleek silver for the Solo. The metallic design of the floors gave a much brighter aspect, and tramlines in accented colors give a streamlined look. A precision cut logo was created for each bus, showcasing the possibilities available for the branding of bus interiors. “The vehicles were very well received at EuroBus Expo 2018,” Rebecca Green, Marketing, Press and Events Manager at Optare, said, “and we were delighted to showcase to customers striking but practical design ideas for their own fleets.”

Altro Transflor custom design flooring can be created to any specification. The flooring for this installation incorporated a metallic design with contrasting color chips for a higher design appeal. An embossed PUR coating ensures easy cleaning while retaining an excellent slip resistance.

Altro’s logo and pre-cut flooring service can be used for any installation. Our precision cutting technology can cut any logo or design from a bicycle or disabled logo, for wayfinding, to your company branding, to any pattern or design you can think of. The possibilities really are endless, so contact us to find out how we can help.

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“We wanted to create a fresh, modern feel to the Optare demonstrator buses that would outlast rigorous service duties, and I think Altro Transflor custom design flooring achieves this really well.”

“The accents and logo tiles combined with the brighter colors made for a really striking design which we were really pleased with, especially as it’s easy to maintain.”