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Fidelity, Germany

Good sound requires a perfect floor

Altro Ensemble


Fidelity Acker & Buck provides consumer electronics, combined with living ambience and design by renowned artist Margarita Kriebitzsch, giving Fidelity's customers a realistic impression of how their chosen home entertainment system could look and sound at home. Fidelity has specially set up six studios that feature different design and equipment, and a headphone lounge for audio / video installation systems; a comprehensive sound universe.


For the 1,000m² of floor space for the studios on two floors, the designer Roman Mundhenk of WildWalls recommended Altro Ensemble modular flooring system, which offers 15dB sound reduction, to Fidelity. The premium floor combines the functional requirements of the studios with their aesthetic and high-quality atmosphere.


Fidelity took several months to design and implement the studios, which included testing Altro Ensemble at the studio. This showed its 15dB sound reduction meets the requirement for a noise-reducing environment.

Fidelity also values the investment security of Altro Ensemble. The high-quality surface finish makes the floor extremely hard-wearing and durable, while being easy to clean.

Altro Ensemble modular flooring system is the next generation of luxury vinyl tiles that combines design possibilities for creating stunning effects, superior function and durability, and ease of installation. The four modular sizes and choice of inspiring colours, textures and designs can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns. The low-reflective surfaces, good acoustic properties with 15dB reduction in impact noise, sound transmission, and 2.6 mm thickness with added comfort underfoot and durability, make it perfect for reception and general circulation and living areas as well as student accommodation and dining areas in restaurants and caf├ęs.

Looks great with:

Altro Whiterock wall designs
Altro Orchestra
Altro Whiterock Digiclad (Custom)

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It was very important to us that the floor is absolutely quiet, so that our customers can hear very fine signals undisturbed.

It absorbs every sound. The room acoustics are excellent.