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Altro Walkway 20


Founded in 1989, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists (GCVS) is currently one of the largest veterinary specialty and emergency hospitals in the US. The facility’s team of medical professionals uses its extensive expertise and experience to provide high quality, comprehensive treatment for a variety of companion animals. In addition to its specialty services, GCVS is also equipped with Emergency and Critical Care Departments to provide its patients with round-the-clock care during their road to recovery.

Selecting the most effective flooring surface is a key element of designing pet-friendly interiors. While polished concrete can be an easy fix, it lacks support and underfoot comfort. Broken and chipped tiles can harbour harmful bacteria within cracks and painfully dig into paws with a single misstep.


GCVS required a durable flooring solution that could accommodate their clients’ unique needs, particularly slip resistance. Whether moving between rooms or traversing corridors, pets need to have sufficient traction underfoot to avoid tripping and falling. At the same time, routine maintenance can result in wet, slippery conditions that increase the risk of potential accidents.

After careful consideration, Altro Walkway 20 proved to be the best option for use throughout the facility. This 2mm slip-resistant flooring boasts impressive slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions, allowing pets to grip the ground beneath them firmly with adequate comfort underfoot. Older animals in particular benefit from proper grip and additional padding compensating for leg support lost with age.


Altro Walkway 20 is our hugely popular, hard-wearing flooring. The range shares its colour palette with Altro XpressLay; so you can combine use of both ranges when you need traditionally adhered and adhesive-free safety flooring in adjacent areas.

Looks great with:

Altro Fortis Titanium
Altro XpressLay
Altro Walkway 20 SD

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The design challenge was to find a floor that would provide a safe foundation for both employees and patients in wet and dry conditions.

Both our staff and clients are happy with the flooring choice. Our patients are confident when walking on them, which is very important to us as many of them are either unstable or unfamiliar with interior flooring.