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Bärenwiese Veterinary Practice, Germany

Veterinary practice creates a cosy atmosphere with Altro

Altro Ensemble, Altro Cantata adhesive-free, Altro Aquarius, Altro Whiterock White


Bärenwiese veterinary practice in Berlin is there for its animal patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The practice has state-of-the-art treatment rooms for examinations and operations, an ultrasound room, a dedicated dental surgery and an in-house laboratory, as well as a recovery room. As well as the clinical areas, new floors and walls were needed for the offices, public areas and toilets.


Saskia Czempiel-Bartels, veterinarian and general manager, needed durable solutions that would also be appealing, helping to create a cosy feel in an otherwise clinical space.


Altro Ensemble was chosen for office and public areas, a modular flooring system in a warm, appealing wood tone. “We are excited about the great colour of the floor. It has excellent sound insulation and offers visitors and employees a high level of comfort,” says Saskia Czempiel-Bartels.

Adhesive-free Altro Cantata adhesive-free was chosen for the treatment rooms and the operating theatre – coordinating with the practice colours to create a harmonious environment. In addition, it is easy to clean and works perfectly with Altro Ensemble and Altro Whiterock White hygienic walls system.

To incorporate a splash guard into the room design, the practice management chose Altro Whiterock for the wall behind the washbasins in the treatment rooms and toilets. It was also used for the walls of the operating rooms. Welded with Altro Cantata adhesive-free flooring, it creates a sealed, watertight system, ideal for areas where safety and hygiene are paramount.

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The floor should create the friendly and appealing environment needed to ensure a stress-free treatment for the animals, supporting the process of recovery. The design of the rooms plays a major role here.

We are very satisfied with the result because even critical parts of the installation issues have been expertly dealt with, such as the drains in the operating rooms, which have been seamlessly connected to the floor.