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North Tyneside Area Command Headquarters, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A complex project with a sympathetic renovation for its users

Altro TectAltro Seal, Altro Flexiflow, Altro Screed


The North Tyneside Area Command Headquarters in Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne, was a new £23m development incorporating office facilities, custody suite and police HQ serving the local community on this 6-acre site.


Considerable effort was made to ensure that all requirements were met in terms of durability, performance requirements and design. Bespoke blends and colours were developed to ensure that the finishes matched both DDA requirements and those set by home office guidelines as well as matching the concept of such a modern building from a design and colour perspective.


The colours selected by the designers create a stunning, bright, clean environment for those in custody. The building’s focal point, the central atrium, is spherical in shape which allows a large degree of natural light within the building, whilst other areas are designed to be functional and yet modern. High ceilings and wide width corridors also provide a significant feeling of openness and space.

Altro Proof™ eliminated delay in the programme by tolerating damp, difficult surfaces and suppressing moisture on all the internal surfaces. This allowed subsequent full opacity coverage with a single coat of special Altro Tect further reducing project cost and time.

Altro Seal reduced the gloss levels to provide the necessary diffused light reflectance and low glare to facilitate the necessary CCTV operation.

Altro Screed™ 4mm variant and Altro Screed™ 3mm vertical variant were provided in standard and bespoke colour-ways for the flooring and rendered surfaces to meet the particular regulatory and design needs.

The Altro Proof collection gives you the ultimate in easy-to-apply damp-proof membranes. An effective single coat application provides protection across a range of moisture contents from relative humidity of more than 75% to 97% wet, (surface dry).

Altro Tect is a solvent-free high-build epoxy resin and offers a robust gloss finish. Available in a wide variety of colours, it gives good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Altro Seal water-based matt variant is a resin seal that is easy to apply and provides a cosmetic clear matt finish when used over Altro Flow, Altro Screed and Altro Mosaic.

Altro Screed is a solvent-free epoxy resin system providing a good level of chemical resistance.

Altro Flexiflow can handle impact yet be flexible enough to move with your building.

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