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Altro business continuity - Coronavirus

As we start another new year, Altro wishes you all a Happy and Healthy 2021. Despite the start of the vaccination roll out in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us now find ourselves in extended national lockdowns.

Altro remains open for business:

  • The wellbeing and safety of all our staff globally remains the first and key priority to us, although through the effective implementation of measures we are able to keep the business running.
  • Our Manufacturing and Logistics operations continue unaffected across our manufacturing sites.
  • We continue to operate across our global distribution sites
  • As throughout the crisis, our Supply Chain operations have not been negatively impacted, with significant stocks of raw materials and finished goods as well as a contingency stock to manage fluctuations in demand.
  • The conclusion of the Free Trade agreement between the UK and EU on 24th December brings increased certainty and continuity of supply
  • Sample orders can be placed through the normal channels and will be fulfilled in their usual timely manner.
  • In line with national Government advice, our staff have been advised not to travel and are using technology, such as video conferencing, as a substitute for face to face meetings. Your usual contacts can be reached as normal.

Please be assured that we remain in a strong position during this next phase of the pandemic and ready to continue to support our customers across the globe.

We thank you for continued support and partnership during these challenging times and please do stay safe and well.

Updated 7.1.21