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Pooch Professional Canine Services, Kidderminster

Perfect floors for spoilt paws

Altro Wood adhesive-free, Altro Walkway 20


Pooch Professional Canine Services, a growing local business, was looking to improve the experience for customers and their canine companions in the studio. Newly refurbished, the studio needed a floor that could cope with a lot of human and canine foot traffic. The studio has a “no secrets” approach and all areas where the dogs are handled are visible to the public, so the floor also needed to look good, and be easy to keep clean. The customer reception and retail area also needed to make an excellent first impression.


The studio is divided into two areas – one for grooming and one for bathing the dogs. The bathing area needed to provide safety from slips on water or shampoos, and the grooming area comfort for the staff as when grooming, they stand for long periods of time. It was imperative that the new floor was installed quickly as the studio is extrem ely busy and did not want to lose any custom.


Altro Wood adhesive-free was installed in the grooming area in colour Oxford Oak. With one in a million slip-resistance reassurance, it provides a safe, durable, and decorative solution for the busy space. The contractor’s favourite, Altro Walkway 20 was installed in the bathing area in colour Swan. This versatile, hard-wearing safety flooring gives sustained slip resistance throughout the lifetime of the product.

Altro Wood adhesive-free creates maximum impact with minimum downtime. With numerous colour choices, 14dB sound reduction, a 10-year guarantee and Altro’s one in a million slip-resistance reassurance, Altro Wood adhesive-free offers high levels of comfort underfoot providing a safe, durable and decorative solution for busy spaces.

Altro Walkway 20 is a durable 2mm safety floor that prevents both slips and wear throughout the product’s life. The range offers a variety of colours – both bright and muted as well as decorative designs with coloured flakes, which gives you greater design flexibility

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We saved a lot of time on installation by using an adhesive-free floor. It was economical for the customer as they re-opened the next day and didn’t lose any custom.

As a high-end studio, our customers expect a warm, welcoming reception and comfort for their dogs. Both floors were perfect for what we needed and look great.