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Altro Flexiflow 2mm classic slip‐resistant

Important changes to the safe use of products containing diisocyanates

From 24 August 2023 professional users of products containing diisocyanates, are required by law to carry out mandatory training to allow the continued safe use of these products.

ISOPA and ALIPA, the trade associations for the industry, have created a very useful website [Safe use of Diisocyanates - Home EN] where you can find all of the details relating to the changes, and information on how to find a training course.

Course 049 is a suitable course for Altro flooring adhesives and walling adhesives, which can be found here.

For more information contact 01462 489 516

The 2mm comfort standard variant gives comfort underfoot and is perfect for environments where people are on their feet all day.

** Top coat will need to be refreshed.

Technical summary

FeRFA type5
Nominal thickness2mm
Guarantee6 years
Life expectancy:40** years
Impact resistanceGood
Wear characteristicsLight duty
Slip resistance-
Service temperature0°C - 30°C
Chemical resistanceModerate
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Technical details

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In general, flooring will follow the profile of the underlying substrate. The surface profile may be reflected in thinner resin flooring types. This will affect the appearance and wear. (FeRFA types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

The Altro Flexiflow colourway can be used in conjunction with a cove former for a uniform seamless finish.

The cosmetic UV stable Altro Flexiflow topcoat may be refreshed periodically throughout the life of the product. Bespoke colours may be available to order, lead-time and charges may apply.

The samples we send are to demonstrate colour and finish only. and may not be the thickness noted above. If you require a specific sample, please contact us.

For light or medium duty areas where there is an increased risk of slipping.

Typical applications include:

  • corridors
  • workshops
  • light production areas
  • mezzanine decks
  • pharmaceutical
  • clean rooms
  • CDT areas
  • circulation / display / exhibition areas
  • museums
  • markets
  • commercial areas
  • offices