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Altro Flow 3mm static‐dissipative

When you need a floor that goes with the flow, look no further than Altro Flow – designed for areas requiring increased hygiene. Available in 25 colours in a high-gloss finish, it offers good chemical and impact resistance for areas where there is a low risk of slipping.

There is the option of a 3mm static-dissipative variant for where there are electronically sensitive environments and equipment. It provides all the performance benefits of epoxy resin flooring and is generally installed over a perimeter ring (or grid) of conductive tape which can be connected to electrical earth, to control the passage of electro-static charge through an in-built path. This variant is measured in accordance with test method BS 2050 when used on prepared substrates treated with Altro Prime™ static-dissipative variant.

Technical summary

FeRFA type5
Nominal thickness3mm
Guarantee6 years
Life expectancy:10 years
Impact resistanceGood
Wear characteristicsLight duty
Slip resistance-
Service temperature0°C - 60°C
Chemical resistanceModerate

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Technical details

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In general, flooring will follow the profile of the underlying substrate. The surface profile may be reflected in thinner resin flooring types. This will affect the appearance and wear. (FeRFA types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

In common with other single colour high gloss finishes, Altro Flow may exhibit scratching with traffic and abrasion, this is particularly prominent in darker colours.

To minimise this effect various options are available ie correct maintenance and entrance matting.

A metallised maintenance coating, such as Altro Gloss 211 can offer ongoing protection, subject to customer requirements and environment.

The samples we send are to demonstrate colour and finish only. and may not be the thickness noted above. If you require a specific sample, please contact us.

For medium duty areas where there is a low risk of slipping.

Typical applications include:

  • control rooms
  • ICT areas
  • electronic assembly

This variant has been measured in accordance with the test method laid out in BS 2050. This test method is a point to point surface resistance test. Typical Test values - 5x104-2x106 ohms.