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Altro Walls Showerkits installation guide


1. Ensure installation area is free from surface dust and contamination and all irregularities are made good prior to commencement. Ceramic tiles must be thoroughly cleaned, degreased, rinsed and left to dry.

2. Mark line on wall for position of base trim.

3. Measure distance and cut base trim to length, bed trim into a bead of AP600 adhesive.

4. Cut a 45 degree mitre at one end of adjacent base trims, dry fit, cut other end to length.

5. As previously, bed trim in to position using AP600 and fill end cavity with AP600 to seal end.

6. Measure, cut to length and dry fit vertical trim back plates.

7. Adhere vertical trim back plates using AP600.

8. Measure dimensions within the perimeter of the trims allowing for 4mm tolerances as shown, to give the required sheet size.

9. Using a pen, measure and mark out on the protective film, and cut sheet to required dimensions.

10. Dry fit sheet to chosen area, clean the back face of the sheet. Do not use oil based products to clean.

11. Following adhesive manufacturers instructions, mix parts A and B together thoroughly.

12. Apply adhesive to substrate using correct sized notch trowel, fully covering all substrate area.

13. To prevent moisture ingress, apply a bead of Altro sanitary sealant (silicone) as per drawing.

14. Install sheet to substrate ensuring 2mm gap all around.

15. Thoroughly press sheet to substrate, ensuring full adhesive transfer.

16. Install any adjacent sheets as per previous instruction.

17. Measure and cut all face trims to length.

18. Pull protective film back allowing room for the face trims.

19. Apply bead of Altro sanitary sealant (silicone) along full length of trims as shown.

20. Clip face trims into back plates ensuring they are fully located.

21. Seal with Altro sanitary sealant (silicone) as shown.

22. Once installation is complete, remove protective film and clean all surfaces with Altro anti-static solution.

23. Leave 24 hours prior to use, this include installation of surface fixings.

Health and Safety Advice

Before usaing any of the chemical substrates listed in this document, users must refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for correct safety advice and carry out a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazordous to Health) assessment and risk assessment.

Always wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when handling the chemicals and ensure the area is adequately ventilated and keep away from ignition sources.

Care should be taken when mixing adhesives to avoid spashing clothes or exposed skin. Contaminated clothing should be removed immediately.

Whilst the adhesive referred to in this document does not normally cause skin irritation, epoxy/ polyurethanes are potential sensitiseres, which means they can lead to dermatitis reactions in sensitive persons.

In the case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water and if symptoms persist seek medical advise.


For further information or technical advice
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NOTE: “Altro Ltd” (“Altro”) endeavours to ensure that advice and information given in Product Data Sheets, Method Statements and Material Safety Data Sheets (all known as Product Literature) is accurate and correct. However, where Altro has no control over the selection of its products for particular applications, it is important that any prospective customer, user or specifier, satisfies him / herself that the product is suitable for the intended application. In this process, due regard should be taken of the nature and composition of the background / base and the ambient conditions both at the time of laying / applying / installing / curing of the material and when the completed work is to be brought into use.

However, as site conditions and the execution of the work are beyond our control, we accept no resultant liability.

Altro’s policy is one of continuous research and development and we reserve the right to update our products and information at any time without prior notice.