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AltroFix W139 technical data sheet


Last edited: February 2020


For use with all types of Altro Whiterock PVCu cladding systems. Can be used in hygienic environments and areas subject to wet usage. It has excellent adhesion properties to all sound substrates used for internal wall construction. Suitable for new and refurbishment building projects.


AltroFix W139 is a two-part polyurethane adhesive supplied in the correct quantities for mixing. Both parts are held separately within the container. The setting and curing time is dependent upon site working temperatures:-

At recommended ambient temperature of 14°C

Initial tack time:
Initial setting time:
Full cure time:

45-60 minutes
4-6 hours
24-36 hours

Pack sizes

AltroFix W139 (Ref: A814) is supplied in two pack sizes:
6.5Kg unit (Ref: A814/25) - for 2.5m sheets
8.0Kg unit (Ref: A814/30) - for 3.0m sheets

Substrate moisture content

All substrates to be dried to 16% WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) on Protimeter ‘Surveymaster’ equipment.

Installation temperatures

Recommended ambient temperature of 14°C. Altro recommends the PVCu wall cladding is installed at the approximate ambient service temperature at which the area will be when commissioned. This is to ensure that expansion parameters are not exceeded. The adhesive must not be used if the temperature is below +5°C.


Substrates should be sound and free from all surface contaminates. Any contamination should be cleaned from the surface using appropriate methods and allowed to dry. Dusty or friable surfaces to be stabilised using a stabilising solution of Unibond PVA diluted 1:10 with water or Altro Primer Seal (Ref: AGCPNF/01). Both stabilisers to be applied with brush or roller and allowed to dry.

Suitable substrates include good quality fairfaced brick or blockwork: well aligned joints bagged up flush: straight to within 3mm over a 2m straight edge: brick and blocks to be flush with ones adjacent: sand and cement rendering. AltroFix W139 is suitable for plasterboard, plywood, MDF, plaster, ceramic tiles which are securely bonded to substrate and thoroughly degreased or certain sound painted surfaces (subject to an adhesive test).

Mixing of parts A and B

Part A is a viscous cream coloured paste supplied in plastic tubs. Part B is a catalyst supplied in foil bags. Pour the contents of Part B into the plastic container holding Part A and mix thoroughly until a uniform consistency is obtained throughout. A drill with a paddle attachment should be used to ensure complete mixing. Scrape the sides thoroughly during this process.

Care should be taken to avoid spillage when mixing, as staining of floor coverings may occur.


Back of PVCu sheet to be clean and free of surface contaminates such as grease and dust. Apply adhesive to the back of the sheet as soon as possible before the adhesive thickens. Apply adhesive approximately 15mm from edges using a 5mm x 5mm square notched trowel, producing a coverage of approximately 2.1kg/m².
On application, immediately apply the sheet to the wall. Apply pressure to the whole surface area of the sheet to ensure transfer and a good overall bond. Altro double sided tapes (Ref: A815) should be used to assist with initial contact to substrate.
On completion, the installation should not be subject to a temperature variation of + or - 5°C until the adhesive cures.


AltroFix W139 adhesive is supplied in 6.5kg and 8.0kg pack sizes. A 6.5kg tub of adhesive is sufficient to cover an 2.50m x 1.22m PVCu panel, (approximately 2.1kg/m²). An 8.0kg tub of adhesive is sufficient to cover a 3.0m x 1.22m PVCu panel, (approximately 2.1kg/m²). Coverages are based on applications with a 5mm x 5mm notched trowel.

Storage and conditioning (on site)

It is essential that AltroFix W139 is stored at ambient temperatures of approximately 14°C as storage temperature determines viscosity of the compound. If stored in cold conditions, the adhesive will not spread easily and coverage will be reduced. If stored at extreme heat conditions, deterioration of Part B can occur. AltroFix W139 has a shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture.

Health & safety

Part A - Base

  • Generally no significant hazard
  • May cause mild irritation on contact with skin
  • May cause sensitisation by skin contact
  • After contact with skin, wash affected area thoroughly with soap and water
  • In case of eye contact, bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the work area

Part B - Hardener

  • Irritation to eyes
  • Irritation to respiratory system
  • Irritation to skin. May cause sensitisation
  • Harmful by inhalation. May cause sensitisation
  • After contact with skin, wash immediately with running water for 10 minutes or longer. Wash the affected area with warm soapy water
  • In case of eye contact, bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves

Care must be taken when mixing Part B with Part A component to avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, eye protection and keep away from ignition sources.
Ensure the area is adequately ventilated.
In the case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Whilst the adhesive does not normally cause skin irritation, epoxy/ polyurethanes are potential sensitisers, which means they can lead to dermatitis reactions in sensitive persons. Always wear correct protective clothing such as gloves, overalls and safety glasses to ward against splashes whilst mixing.


For further information or technical advice
call our Customer Care Centre on 01426 489516
or email: enquiries@altro.com

NOTE: “Altro Ltd” (“Altro”) endeavours to ensure that advice and information given in Product Data Sheets, Method Statements and Material Safety Data Sheets (all known as Product Literature) is accurate and correct. However, where Altro has no control over the selection of its products for particular applications, it is important that any prospective customer, user or specifier, satisfies him / herself that the product is suitable for the intended application. In this process, due regard should be taken of the nature and composition of the background / base and the ambient conditions both at the time of laying / applying / installing / curing of the material and when the completed work is to be brought into use.

However, as site conditions and the execution of the work are beyond our control, we accept no resultant liability.

Altro’s policy is one of continuous research and development and we reserve the right to update our products and information at any time without prior notice.