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Prisons and defense

Floor and wall solutions for prison and defense areas

For containment and holding areas and walkways with heavy traffic, our products offer high strength, stain resistance, and reduced dirt retention making them easy to clean and maintain. For these areas, we only recommend two-part polyurethane adhesives and we do not recommend our flooring for cells or other areas with little to no supervision.

Altro floors and walls installed in a prison infirmary

Key factors to consider

Altro floors and walls installed in prison facility

Protecting the physical well-being of all at the facility remains the most critical design element for incarceration facilities. Individual details, furnishings and finishes used throughout the facility should be carefully specified as to help prevent self-harm or aggressive behavior.

The components of each room vary depending on the level of patient supervision, with specific emphasis on the reduction of ligature points and potential for self-harm. Ligature points refer to fixtures and hardware that could be used to attach a cord, rope or other material for the purpose of hanging or strangulation.

Other key considerations in prison design:


Room fixtures and hardware should be specifically designed to prevent the attachment of ligatures in order to protect patients from inflicting self-harm.

No flooring cap

For safety reasons, plastic or metal flooring caps shall not be used, even in wet areas.


Patients must not be able to pick or remove transition strips between different finishes where floors and walls meet.


Walls should be capable of enduring heavy impact without cracking or splintering to create potential health hazards.

Water-resistant / cleanable

Flooring shall be unaffected by wet cleaning, germicides and other types of cleaning solutions.

For more information on what Altro recommends, please visit our Behavioral mental health section of our website where we provide additional recommendations on these solutions.