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Altro Mosaic vertical gloss

For application to walls, the glazed matt appearance is available as our vertical matt variant. The high-gloss finish is available as our vertical gloss variant.

Technical summary

FeRFA type4
Nominal thickness1 - 1.5mm
Guarantee6 years
Life expectancy:8 years
Impact resistanceLimited
Wear characteristicsLight duty
Slip resistance-
Service temperature0°C - 60°C
Chemical resistanceModerate

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Technical details

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In general, flooring will follow the profile of the underlying substrate. The surface profile may be reflected in thinner resin flooring types. This will affect the appearance and wear. (FeRFA types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

The samples we send are to demonstrate colour and finish only. and may not be the thickness noted above. If you require a specific sample, please contact us.

Can be used vertically in medium duty areas.