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Altro Whiterock Digiclad™

Custom print option utilising UV cured inks onto an Altro Whiterock sheet from a design or photographic image. Great for feature walls, logos and to aid with signage. Inspired, unique, durable solution.

Technical summary

Life expectancy:10 years
Type of product:Extruded semi-rigid PVC sheet
Surface finishSatin or gloss

2500mm x 1220mm
3000mm x 1220mm
Sheets can be CNC routed and cut

No. of colors:Custom print option

Any questions?

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Select colors and order samples

Please note when ordering samples not all images are available in stock. Customers will be sent a randomly selected sample in their desired finish. Please specify finish in the notes of checkout.

  1. Alert your Altro sales representative of your upcoming project and provide basic details. Generic pricing can be given based on total square footage. If you do not have a sales representative email or call 800.565.4658
  2. Select and/or provides imagery that meets guidelines. Shutterstock is the preferred website for images outside of our image collection. If Shutterstock (or similar) is not used, a customer must lawfully purchase imagery / copyrights for use. Altro assumes no liability for images supplied to us.
  3. Email imagery, details, marked floor plans and elevation details for each area to Please utilize services like DropBox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Hightail, etc. to upload large files.
  4. Your files will be assessed and approved for use by our team at this time.
  5. Digital proofs are emailed and approved by the customer. Then, paper proofs are mailed and approved by the customer and end-user.
  6. Order is created, PO and non-cancellation agreement is created.
  7. Panels are produced and shipped. Estimated turnaround depends on the product selected. Altro Whiterock PopArt averages 6 weeks and Altro Whiterock Digiclad 14 weeks.

Vector imagery

Vector graphics are our preferred file type because of their superior quality over JPEG images. Many graphic artists are capable of creating and/or manipulating these files. Vector images do not lose quality when enlarged, and therefore are perfect for large feature walls.

You can also purchase images from websites such as and

Photographic imagery

Large JPEG and TIFF files are also suitable to use however, they must meet specific size guidelines and be accepted by our design team. Photos are most commonly used in small to medium installations or are combined into a vector collage.

Why? As a photo is stretched, the quality will lessen. For example, a 300 DPI image that is 32” wide in it’s original state converts to 75 DPI when the image is stretched across two panels (8’). Though 75 DPI seems really low, these walls are meant to be viewed from a distance.

If you wish to use photos, the selected image should meet the following guidelines to span a panel properly.

  • Legally obtained photograph
  • Dimensions > 40” width for multi-panel images
  • High resolution > 300 DPI
  • Large file size > 10MB, 20MB, 30MB+
  • Quality inspected and approved by Altro
  • Paper proofed and approved by end-user

Our wall panels are readily available with a wide variety of imagery that can easily adapt to your design’s specific needs. From scenic landscapes and inspirational architecture to intricate geometric patterns, we have multiple looks that can help make a bold impact, impress clientele or even create calm, soothing settings.



Technical details

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Custom wall panels designed to impress

Create the right impression with a custom design on your wall. From a calming coastal landscape in a hospital ward to a bold company logo in a reception area, the only limit is your imagination.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad is created by reproducing vector artwork (or an extremely high resolution photograph) onto Altro Whiterock wall panels. Hard-coat technology provides scratch-resistant properties for added surface protection.

  • Feature walls - foyers and reception areas
  • Hospital wards
  • Patient rooms
  • Operating and procedure areas
  • Recovery rooms
  • Education
  • Retail