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Altro SampleWise

Altro SampleWise At Altro, sustainability is one of our guiding principles and lies at the heart of everything we do. Growing out of a long standing commitment, we strive to reduce the impact our activities and products have on the environment. That’s why we created Altro SampleWise, our sample return program.

Altro SampleWise is a way for our customers to return samples they are done with, rather than discarding them. It’s good for the environment and it costs the customer nothing, it’s all prepaid shipping.

We would like you to help us reduce our impact on the environment by returning your samples when you no longer need them. We will reinvest these, either by passing them along to someone else or finding another way to use them.

How the program works

Using Altro SampleWise is easy. Every sample shipped out of our North American distribution centers (Wilmington MA, Santa Fe Springs, CA and Mississauga, ON) is sent with a prepaid shipping label and an Altro SampleWise instruction card. Simply use the prepaid UPS or FedEx return label that was included with your sample and drop it in the appropriate drop box or include it with your offices outgoing shipments. Well take it from there.

How you can help

   Altro SampleWise is easy

  1. Use the prepaid postage label included in your package.

  2. Pack the sample(s) into a box or envelope. Reuse original packaging if possible!

  3. Drop the package at a local Drop-Box or bring to a nearby facility.

Order a return label

   Need a return label? Contact us and we will send you one 

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