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Altro Smart Collect

A vinyl take-back program

As a family-owned business, we’ve always taken our environmental responsibilities very seriously. That is why we invented the world’s first in-house safety flooring recycling system and were a co-founder of the Recofloor take-back program in the United Kingdom.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, increasing our sustainability activities, and advancing our environmental, social and ethical performance. We work to build better futures – it’s more than a motto for us; It’s our past, present, and our vision for what lies ahead.

That is why we have created Altro Smart Collect, a North American recycling take-back program aimed at promoting sustainability and responsible waste management. This initiative focuses on recycling installation off-cuts of our smooth sheet flooring and Altro Lavencia luxury vinyl tile. For a full list of qualifying products please see the terms and conditions section.

This program now provides a North American solution to help reduce our post-installation waste-to-landfill.

How does it work?

We will provide recycling bags, at no charge, to our key partners, making it easy for them to collect and store off-cuts on-site. Once the bag is filled, simply ship or drop off at any local Altro office.

Participating flooring contractors will have their company promoted on our website as an Altro Smart Collect partner. This can be very important with key design and architecture firms who greatly value sustainability.

To sweeten the deal, those actively participating in our Altro Smart Collect program, will receive various types of rewards or credit towards Altro accessories. The more bags of off cuts you recycle, the better the rewards. It’s a win-win for your business and the environment.

Making a positive impact is as easy as following these steps:

The Altro Smart Collect program is currently offering drop-off locations at our offices in the Boston area, Los Angeles area, and the Toronto area.

Become an Altro Smart Collect installer partner

Calling all sustainable installers! If you are installer in North America and would like to be part of the Smart Collect program please fill out this form. Altro will send you a welcome package including a collection bag. As a valued participant, contribute to a more sustainable future by recycling Altro off-cuts and earn points towards exciting rewards or credits for Altro accessories.

What about safety flooring?

Altro Smart Collect does not currently offer recycling for our safety flooring or wall cladding products.

Altro however is a proud co-founder of the RecoFloor program in the UK. RecoFloor is a highly regarded collection and recycling service for commercial waste vinyl flooring across the UK.

While Altro currently operates the Recofloor program exclusively in the UK, we are actively exploring opportunities to bring this innovative technology to the United States.

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Terms and conditions

 At this time only select smooth sheet flooring and Altro Lavencia LVT may be recycled as part of this program. For full list of terms and conditions click here.