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United Kingdom


Infinity Health Medical Centre Australia

State-of-the-art flooring for a state-of-the-art clinic

Altro Orchestra


Infinity Health Medical Centre services the new community in Green Square, as well as the inner-Sydney suburbs of Zetland, Kensington, Surry Hills, and Waterloo.

Its preventative health focus ensures the best outcomes for valued clients, and their families. This extends to the working environments they provide for its doctors and support staff.


Designer Michiru Cohen, from Michiru Design Studio, knew that in order to meet the high standards of her client, she needed to use a high standard of design, cleanliness and quality. Naturally, she turned to Altro.


Michiru chose Altro Orchestra for the corridors, waiting rooms, doctors’ offices, WCs and reception area. The use of ten stand-out, bright colours ensured a warm, vibrant space.

For areas where comfort and sound reduction are important, 2.85mm Altro Orchestra has been engineered to create the ideal environment to learn and live. With excellent resistance to residual indentation it facilitates the flexible use of equipment and furniture, including hospital beds. At the same time, the integrated impact sound insulation system cuts impact sound by up to 15dB. It’s great in corridors, classrooms, housing, patient / resident rooms, and retail.

It offers comfort underfoot making life easier on the feet of students and patients but particularly hard-working staff who spend countless hours on the move.

Available in a wide choice of colours and three designs. Co-ordinates with other ranges.

Looks great with:

Altro Serenade
Altro Whiterock Satins
Altro Whiterock wall designs

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After speaking with Infinity Health, it was clear the vision they had moving forward. The priority was to make their health care centre welcoming to all ages and abilities. Having a family-friendly environment in a growing community that was also hygienic, comfortable and easy to clean was very important.

Being the very first medical centre for Infinity Health, it was important to deliver a concept that reflected what we stand for as a company, and what we wanted to provide for the community. We have a truly unique space, which we are very proud of. The support from Altro before, during and after installation has been great.