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Cannabis production facilities

Floor and wall solutions for cannabis production facilities

Your business is to cultivate the growth of medical or recreational marijuana. Our business is to provide you with durable, hygienic interior finishes that will support your business.  

We know that a safe, efficient and hygienic facility is a vital part of the production process, which is why our specialist flooring and wall solutions are designed to handle everything thrown at or dropped on them.

Having the right floor and wall system won’t necessarily enhance your yield but it can enhance your safety. Having the wrong floor or wall can be an unnecessary distraction that can negatively impact your business. 

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Features and benefits

Altro’s floor and wall systems are easy to clean, durable and moisture resistant. Our floors protect vulnerable plants from microbes, fungi and insects by sealing off the gaps and crevices where these dangers can hide. 

Our products offer many unique advantages to your production facility:

  • Durable – impact and indentation resistant
  • Slip resistant flooring options
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • No VOCs
  • High reflective wall panels are available to enhance light conditions 
  • Class A Fire Rated USDA Compliant, FDA Compliant, HAACP certified
  • FloorScore certified
  • Fully integrated floor and wall system Heat welded seams