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Floor + wall finishes for life science and biotechnology laboratories

Achieve BioSafety compliance with floor and wall solutions from Altro

Due to the growing complexities and need of modern life science and laboratory design Altro has continued our innovation and development of our floor and wall offerings.

We continue to create safe and hygienic surfaces that are perfect for todays life science and biotechology laboratories. Our complete floor and wall system can help you attain BioSafety requirements, ISO ratings, FM Approval, FDA, USDA compliance levels needed for certification.

Life science lab

Your business is to develop and deliver safe and effective research and development to the marketplace. Our business is to provide you with durable, hygienic interior finishes that will support your work. Protect your personnel with a safer environment to handle harsh chemicals, biologics, cleaning supplies and other hazardous materials. They are designed to take on life science environments.

Altro’s hygienic floor and wall systems are designed to provide great value for money while maintaining the safety that you need and expect within your work environment. Our product offerings can be found in laboratories, vivariums, cleanrooms, classrooms and offices around the world.

Standards for life science and technology labs

Life science workspace

Whether you’re looking to build a compounding facility, an electronic lab or vivarirum, Altro can help. We offer a floor and wall solution that is seamless, non-shedding and heat-weldable. Our solution offers the right amount of hygiene and performance and is well-suited for highly regulated facilities.

Our extensive catalog includes ISO, BSL/ABSL and FDA compliant sheet flooring such as Altro Operetta and Altro Symphonia, We also offer a revolutionary, adhesive-free option suited for cGMP suites called Altro Cantata which looks and performs like our traditional smooth glue down flooring, but allows for immediate heat-welding and occupancy. Altro Cantata also installs over substrate with up to 98% RH all with no VOC/off gassing.

Our Altro Whiterock wall systems are ISO 2, BSL/ABSL and FDA compliant and can be applied to both walls and ceilings in cGMP suites. Altro Whiterock panels are installed seamlessly or traditional trim with thermoformed corners. We also offer specialized, FM approved Altro Whiterock panels and accessories.

Areas that must meet a range of ISO or BSL/ABSL compliance for the area they will be installed

  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies/Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants Compounding facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Classrooms/ offices
  • Vivariums
  • Electronic labs
  • cGMP suites
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Areas of application

Standards and regulations for laboratories can vary depending on the specific function

Altro’s comprehensive product lineup will assist you in meeting institution regulations within biotechnology healthcare and pharmaceutical industries where sterile compounds are either researched or prepared, stored and dispensed. The purpose of the regulation is to prevent infections in patients using pharmaceutical products, as well as to protect staff members that are ordinarily exposed to harmful materials or pathogens.

Desk in a lab

Typical applications

  • Life sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants
  • Compounding facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Vivariums

Requirements of floors and walls

  • Surfaces of ceilings, walls and floors shall be smooth, impervious, free from cracks and crevices and non-shedding – required to meet ISO, BSL/ABSL class
  • Surfaces must be resistant to damage by disinfectant agents
  • Preferably, floors are overlaid with wide sheet vinyl flooring with heat-welded seams and coving to the side wall 

Installation areas must meet a range of BSL/ABSL/ISO Cleanroom compliance

  • ISO Class 5 for critical areas
  • Segregated compounding areas
  • Aseptic processing rooms
  • Primary engineering control rooms
  • ISO Class 7 for buffer zones and low risk compounding areas
  • ISO Class 8 for ante-areas
  • Meeting or exceeding requirements within BSL/ABSL laboratories