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Vinyl flooring solutions for coaches

On a long distance coach journey, interior experience is everything. A pleasant, more domestic feel is key to providing the on board experience which modern day passengers expect. Our portfolio of flooring for coaches not only looks great, but performs even better with lightweight construction, easy cleaning and compliant slip resistance performance.

A low-angled shot showing the middle aisle of a coach, toward the front, with Altro Transflor Artis in Onyx installed.

High design flooring for coach services

No matter which style you’re going for with your coach interior, Altro has a flooring product to complete the picture.

Altro’s design-led floors for coaches are widely inspired by the natural world, helping you to create relaxing, biophilic interiors for your passengers. Discover Altro Transflor Artis’ mineral inspired designs, bringing the resilience of natural rock to your coach interior. Or, for a more domestic feel, explore the wood-look designs in Altro Transflor Wood. Got something specific in mind? Speak to us about our custom design flooring for coaches.

Easy clean floors for coach vehicles

Initial design is important, but a large factor of an inviting interior is cleanliness. Carpet may be the first thought for a luxurious feel, but all too soon can become clogged with crumbs or soiled with stains, not to mention the trapped bacteria between carpet fibres. Vinyl is inherently hygienic due to its impervious construction, and allows for daily wet antibacterial cleans, without long drying times before the coach can go back out on the road.

Altro coach floors are specially formulated to offer easy cleaning and robust stain resistance. Working in partnership with our sister company, Autoglym, we bring you the most up-to-date and cutting edge cleaning advice to keep your Altro floors looking great and in top-notch performance.

WATCH: Altro Transflor Artis vs. common staining contaminants:

Lightweight floors for coaches

On long distance journeys, fuel efficiency is paramount. Altro safety flooring for coaches is engineered to be as lightweight as possible without compromising on safety, durability or cleanability. Make your vehicles electric power-ready by building the most efficient vehicles possible. Since 2017, we have reduced the weight of Altro Transflor Figura, Altro Transflor Chroma and Altro Transflor Meta by 20%. With their varied colour palettes, custom colour options and great safety credentials, these lightweight floors are incredibly versatile.

Lose an extra 60% adhesive weight per square metre with our self-adhesive flooring service – all while also saving time and waste on your installation.