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Emergency vehicles and ambulances

Vinyl flooring solutions for emergency vehicles and ambulances

Emergency vehicles are the most important type of public service vehicle – quite literally a lifeline. Whether your staff are firefighters or medical professionals, they need an environment designed for success. With high durability, lightweight construction, and hygienic, easy-to-clean vinyl our floors are engineered to be the perfect flooring solution for emergency vehicles and ambulances, to suit the specification of different Trusts . Whether you’re specifying floors for ambulances, fire engines, or patient transport services (PTS) we have a floor for you.

A British ambulance travelling over Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background.

Safety flooring solutions for emergency vehicles

In medical emergencies, the safety of everyone involved is paramount. The last thing that a paramedic or first aid volunteer should be having to worry about is a surface which is slippery underfoot. A safe, slip resistant floor gives patients and paramedics alike peace of mind, keeping everyone involved safe so that important, life-saving work can continue without delay. All of our floors for emergency vehicles offer excellent slip resistance. For less than a one in a million chance of a slip, take a look at Altro Transflor Meta, Altro Transflor Chroma, or Altro Transflor Figura, or, for a less clinical, more domestic feel, find out more about Altro Transflor Wood.

Durable floors for emergency vehicles

In high-pressured situations such as emergencies, the last thing that emergency staff are thinking about is the floor on their vehicle – and that’s the way it should be. Floors for emergency vehicles need to be able to stand up to daily wear without cracking under the pressure. All of our floors are engineered for high durability with abrasive wear in mind – so they can easily stand up to hurried footfall, fire hoses and stretchers, which have the potential to cause wear damage to vinyl floors. Altro Transflor Meta and Altro Transflor Wood are compliant to EN 13845, with less than or equal to ten particles lost per 50000 cycles. Our floors also retain their slip resistance credentials, of PTV ≥36, as good ex-factory after ten years in use.

Easy clean floors for ambulances

Specialist medical vehicles are clinical spaces, and need to stay hygienic. Vinyl, due to its impervious construction, is inherently hygienic, but we’ve taken cleanability one step further with our Altro Easyclean technology and easy cleaning formulations. The impervious construction of our floors means that any bacteria present sits on the surface and can be easily wiped away with no time wasted scrubbing. The PUR coating on Altro Transflor Wood and Altro Transflor Artis offers impeccable stain resistance, so your floors will clean up like new each time.

Altro Transflor Wood in Iron Bamboo installed in the Matthews Specialty Vehicles Bloodmobile.

Lightweight flooring for emergency vehicles

A lightweight vehicle construction for emergency vehicles is important for a multitude of reasons: of course, fuel efficiency is a concern, but with all the PPE and equipment needed on board, payload is precious. Altro offers lightweight flooring solutions for emergency vehicles, without compromising on durability or safety credentials. Since 2017, we have reduced the weight of Altro Transflor Meta, Altro Transflor Chroma and Altro Transflor Figura by 20%, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to producing high performance floors that make a positive contribution to the overall performance of the vehicle.

Pre-cut floors for emergency vehicles

A quality install is paramount for flooring to continue to perform in service, so why not let us lend a helping hand? With specialist vehicles come confined spaces and therefore, potentially precise and tricky vinyl cutting. With our pre-cut flooring service, leave the cutting to us and receive your order pre-cut to your specification in handy smaller rolls. Cut time associated with cutting, and the space needed to do so, and simply roll out the flooring, trim to fit and stick down. Receiving your flooring pre-cut also reduces the amount of waste in your installation, since any offcuts go into our in-house recycling system at Altro HQ.

Save even more time on your installation, and a further 60% per square metre on adhesive weight, by ordering your pre-cut floor in a self-adhesive format. Simply peel, stick, roll, and weld.