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Metro, light rail and trams

Altro floors for metro, light rail and trams

Metro and light rail systems in cities are key for governments and local authorities to achieve common challenges with city planning such as traffic congestion, space needed for car parking and lowering carbon emissions. A reliable and inviting metro or light rail system takes cars off the roads and offers an easy travel solution for passengers travelling for all kinds of reasons.

Our portfolio of floors for metro and light rail are designed to support the aims and objectives of operators, being lightweight to lower energy consumption and therefore aid in greater energy efficiency, and durable to help maintain reliability ratings in operation by minimizing floor-related maintenance downtime. Our floors are also engineered to offer excellent slip resistance in order to keep passengers safe.

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Lightweight flooring solutions for trams, metro and light rail

The key to harnessing the true potential of zero carbon fuels is achieving the optimum fuel efficiency through securing the lightest weight components. Metro and light rail take thousands of cars off the road each day and provide a lifeline for hitting key emissions targets. All of the floors in the Altro rail portfolio are engineered to be as lightweight as possible without compromising on performance with the objective of helping TOCs operate on the highest efficiency possible. Altro Transflor Tungsten is formulated using acrylic, a light, hardwearing material, and is also compatible with our self-adhesive service which saves an extra 60% adhesive weight per square yard.

Durable floors for light rail, metro and trams

Metro and light rail exists to provide an easy, convenient way for passengers to travel around a city, whether that’s for work or leisure. This means that the floors on these vehicles take a pounding with passengers often standing for short journeys, and higher frequencies of steps taken when passengers are boarding and exiting at frequent stops. In order to keep maintenance downtime and slip risk low, durable floors for metro and light rail are imperative.

Altro Transflor Tungsten is a flexible resilient floor made from tough acrylic and engineered with aggregate throughout the thickness of the floor. This means that wear is a very slow process, and even when wear does occur, the slip resistance is not adversely affected. The scrim in the middle construction gives the floor extra resistance to vehicle torsion, giving protection from cracking. Altro Transflor Tungsten offers wear resistance compliant to EN 13845, with less than or equal to 10% particles lost per 50,000 cycles.

Safety floors for metro, trams and light rail

With passengers on light rail and metro constantly on the move, boarding and exiting frequently, and tracking both wet and dry contaminants into the vehicle, a safety floor with robust credentials is important to keep your passengers safe.

Altro Transflor Tungsten in Fog installed in the entrance of the Stuttgart Strassenbahnen tram network.

Our acrylic product, Altro Transflor Tungsten, achieves a pendulum test value of ≥36 and R11 on the ramp test. As well as being constructed from hard wearing flexible acrylic, Altro Transflor Tungsten is engineered with slip-resistant aggregate throughout the thickness of the floor. This means that, even if areas of the vehicle are subject to higher levels of wear, the slip resistance of the floor will not be adversely affected. Aggregates in the floor will still be able to make contact with passengers’ shoes, even through wet and dry contaminants such as water, coffee or dirt, helping to prevent slip accidents.

Slip resistance isn't the only aspect of safety that we focus on - all of our floors for rail are compliant to EN45545 HL2.