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Altro integrated package brings feel-good factor to flagship spinal injury centre

Altro Pisces, Altro Whiterock Satins, Altro Wood, Altro Reliance 25, Altro Stronghold 30, Altro Fortis Titanium

An integrated package of Altro floors, walls and ceilings have been installed in a brand new flagship Spinal Injury Centre in Dorset, run by disability charity Livability, creating a homely, design-led unit with a high level of aesthetic appeal.

Livability Holton Lee has recently undergone a total refurbishment, carried out by main contractor Stepnell Ltd, transforming the existing care home into a well-being discovery centre and purpose-built Spinal Injury Centre.

A spokesperson for the Livability Estates Team says: “Choosing the Altro products was very much a collaborative team effort between Livability, Altro, Elite Interiors and Western Design Architects.

“We felt that wood-look flooring would be ideal for the areas in which residents would be relaxing, such as the dining room, lounge and bedrooms. It has a warmth that can make an environment feel like home.Altro Wood is ideal for this environment.

“The homely yet professional theme was continued for the wet rooms and en-suite bathrooms in the Livability Spinal Injury Centre. For the floors we chose Altro Pisces, an excellent safety surface for wet environments because it performs in wet or dry and with bare feet or shoes, so it’s ideal for both staff and residents.”

“We felt that all-white walls would be too clinical for the bathrooms,” says Livability, “and we wanted to add some colour and interest. Altro Whiterock Satins hygienic wall sheet is ideal for this because it has a strong decorative appeal, and it’s also proven in terms of hygiene.”

Jonathan Turvey, director at Western Design Architects, commented: “The clever use of different Altro flooring colours and designs to differentiate between the walls and floors ensures that wayfinding in the unit is clear, but also in keeping with the overarching colours and themes, so it never compromises the design.”

“Overall, I feel we achieved the perfect balance of design, comfort and practicality, and created a beautiful place for people to improve and receive the support they need — which is always a challenge in care environments.”

The unit’s service manager and Fellow of the Royal College of Nurses, Fiona Stephenson, says: “It looks stunning; fresh, clean, welcoming, cheerful, stylish and comfortable; all the things the people who come here need. The Altro products play a large part in creating this wonderful environment.

“As a holistic, flagship facility it is second to none and I am so proud to be part of it – we are offering something very special and ground-breaking in this sector.”

Altro Stronghold 30 specialist safety flooring was used in the kitchens and food servery, whilst Altro’s wall protection system provides a much needed solution, as Livability’s spokesperson explains: “There is a lot of traffic in the unit, from wheelchairs, trolleys and other equipment that could potentially damage the walls. We wanted to avoid this and the added expense of redecoration, so Altro recommended we install their Altro Fortis Titanium wall protection. This is not only a very practical product, but it looks good too, so it can be incorporated into the colour scheme.”

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