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Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe, Germany

Where history and modern life come together

Altro Ensemble


Guests of the Hotel Steigenberger de Saxe on the historic Neumarkt in Dresden, are within walking distance of the city’s most popular attractions.

The hotel took the decision to replace the carpets in 186 rooms and suites with wood-look flooring. The prerequisite was for the new floor to suit the aesthetic and practical needs of the hotel, including design, feel and sound reduction. Only high-quality materials were used in the renovation, some of which were combined with existing furniture, resulting in a creative mix of materials.


After setting up a test room, the decision was made to use Altro Ensemble modular flooring in a 125 x 1000 mm plank size.

In addition to impact sound reduction, the natural look and feel were crucial in selecting the floor. “That’s why we chose Altro Ensemble, because it combines design with functionality. It’s lifelike wood-look fits perfectly with the furnishings, and it provides impact sound reduction of 15 decibels.” said Michael Schicker, Manager Interior Design & TSA of the Steigenberger Group.


With its high impact sound insulation, Altro Ensemble is ideal for use in high-traffic areas where aesthetics are important. Its 15dB impact sound reduction reduces noise, helping improve wellbeing in busy environments.

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Altro Orchestra
Altro Whiterock wall designs
Altro Whiterock Satins

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For the renovated rooms, we placed great emphasis on high impact sound insulation when choosing the floor covering.

Despite the tight deadline, the installation was flawless and the flooring in the rooms blends in well with the decor. In addition, it offers a good level of comfort underfoot. We will use Altro for future projects.